Chapter Four: Deceptive Waffles (I)


I groaned, rolling over onto my side, head emerging from the thick blanket that I’d crawled under as I reached blindly over to turn off my alarm clock. Was it already time for school? Did I really have to wake up at half past six every day for this week and the eternity of ‘nexts’ that followed; and go to a school whose students I knew would completely love me? I think not!

Yet I knew I didn’t have a choice and that’s what pushed me to get up and go get ready for my first day of paradise. Note to self: all ‘positive’ thoughts inside of my head about today are only really sarcastic retorts at myself. I mean: how could I possibly be looking forward to school?

After having a quick shower and getting changed into casual wear, nothing too flashy for my first day, I headed downstairs, a frown crossing my face at the sweet smell of waffles. My mum had leverage to try and make today start with a good start. I adored waffles. I, however, did not adore blackmail. Or any indirect attempts at cheering me up.

“James! My favorite son in the whole of the universe!” Dad welcomed me with open arms, expecting a hug. Instead, I just looked at him blankly. What kind of a compliment was that?

“You only have one son,” I pointed out bluntly, side-stepping him and plopping down onto one of the kitchen stools.

“All the more reason to be joyful,” he argued back with a wink. I shook my head at my father, trying not to smile at his lame attempt of joking with me. Busying myself with my breakfast, with which I took my time eating. I wasn’t looking forward to today. I’m not a pessimistic person yet ever since I’d moved here, all I’d started to become was extremely negative.  I never looked forward to doing anything at all…well, that was a lie. There was one thing I really wanted to do, but my chances of accomplishing it in a day were quite low which dimmed my mood even more.

The End

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