Chapter One: James (II)

I snorted, shaking my head at her. My father shot me a glance but I chose to ignore it.

“It doesn’t seem to me that this neighborhood has a lot of kids my age,” I muttered, taking one final sip out of my lemonade then setting the glass with a clink on the table. I noticed my mum exchange a look with my dad – probably thinking this to be a phase. Who knows? Maybe it was. I just felt home-sick.

“I’m going to go check out my room,” I said and without another word, exited the kitchen. My parents didn’t understand. They’re adults after all but that didn’t make me any less mature than the two of them. No, it only meant that they didn’t have as much of a social life as I did. It’s a good thing I didn’t say that out loud though. They would have killed me if they knew I even thought that.

Trudging up the stairs, I then turned a left and entered my already-open room. The musty air hit me, and I immediately crossed the room, opening up the window to let in the freshness, combined with the heat of noon, to flood in. What a relief it was, to have that nauseating smell out and about of the atmosphere. This room must have been cleaned a long time ago, and my parents hadn’t warned me about it.

Sighing, I took a step to my side and opened the wardrobe, covering my nose in advance. But no stench released itself. The wardrobe was fairly clean and completely empty. Or so I thought. Just as I opened a side-draw, something from the top compartment came toppling down unexpectedly.

Slightly taken aback, I jumped at the thudding of the light-weight red object as it fell down on the floor. My head snapped down, eyes grazing over the ‘weapon’ that had launched itself at me.

 A diary.

The End

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