Chapter One: James (I)

"She was different. And so beautifully unique. I admired her for her strength. I aspired to be like her. And she's the reason why I'm writing in this book: the book I could never find a use for because of its utter perfection. And now I have."

It was a scorching hot day. The sun above was no solace in the humid atmosphere of the afternoon as the van pulled up in front of our new house. My eyes raked themselves over the small to medium-sized building in front of me. It was nothing compared to my old house, which had been grand and located smack down in the middle of the city.

Now, mum, dad and I had moved to a much quieter place in Illinois. It really had no entertainment facilities, not like the ones back home but dad had gotten a transfer and had accepted. There was no being stubborn to him and I’d really had no choice but to go along with the decisions he’d made.

But here I was, stepping out of the car into the silent neighborhood, making my first judgments of the new home in which I’d live. The area seemed deserted, like a ghost town. The dry wind blew through, tickling the very few pieces of trash that lay on the street as they flew off. In the nearby houses, I couldn’t see anyone my age. All the occupants were either out or had locked themselves in within the house. Now this was going to be fun.


I turned around to see my mother, a stern smile on her lips as she shielded herself with a hand from the blazing rays that beat down upon us.

“Go help your father move the remaining boxes into the house. Go on now.” She used that dramatic little tone of hers, lightly pushing me on with her free hand.

Oh, that’s right. Remaining boxes. My mind took a long time to put two and two together, still recovering from the sheer shock of the fact that I now lived here. Taking a sluggish step forward, I headed towards the back of my van, nodded firmly at my dad and then started to help him with unpacking.

The next half hour was spent clearing everything out of the moving van and into the guest room, in which we were temporarily storing all our things. Luckily enough, I wasn’t feeling too lazy and helped finish the task quickly.

Mum had fixed up some lemonade for my dad and me when we’d both walked into the kitchen. Turning to me, she took a sip out of her own glass before coolly asking, “So, James, what have you planned for your first day? Are you going to go out and befriend anyone?”

The End

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