A Dark Morning.Mature

When Eleanor awoke that morning she discovered she was laid completely naked in the middle of an old barn. She had transformed the night before ready to hunt and had somehow ended up here. She sat up slowly, checking herself over for any signs of a fight with an animal or a vampire. Whenever Eleanor had transformed she couldn't remember anything about being in her lycan form however she did remember that she had not come out alone. Her little sister Grace wasn't with her. 

"Grace!" She called around the barn, frantically looking for her "Grace!"

As Eleanor searched the barn she found an old sheet used to block the sun from one of the cracking walls, she quickly wrapped it around herself and dashed outside in search of her sister. The moment she left the barn she could smell blood, the stench was overwhelming it filled the air and burned her nose. A sense of dread filled her, she hoped with all her might that the smell came from some beast she had killed last night but deep down she knew what it was. As she turned the corner of the barn she saw the source of the smell, her little sister's body, battered and bloodied and on her neck were two puncture marks, the sign left by vampires so everyone knew this was their kill. Eleanor recoiled away from the body, tears pricked her eyes but more than anything an overwhelming anger filled her, she involuntarily transformed into her lycan form and went in search of the bastard that killed her sister. 

The End

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