Crimson EclipseMature

Forbidden love. The oldest of all clichés. From war came love and from love came war. For thousands of years Lycans and Vampires have fought, shed blood and even drank some. Until a cease fire occurred and both sides were after a common cause. To eliminate a forbidden union between Lord Nicholas III a high vampire and the ruler of the Lycan's daughter Eleanor.

Will love prevail? Or will the darkness consume them all?


From the corner of his eye, Nicholas saw the lycan jumping for his throat. It's white teeth flashed in the moonlight and it's long dagger like claws extended ready for the kill. In one swift motion, Nicholas turned and unsheathed his sword from his belt just at the perfect moment to spear the lycan on the end of it. As Nicholas watched the beast die he saw it change slowly back into it's original human form. To Nicholas' horror he discovered the lycan was a small ten year old child, female. He slowly laid the girl down on the pavement and removed his sword from her chest. 

"I'm sorry" he murmured before leaving her. 

Nicholas had never liked conflict or death. When he was human he had always been a peaceful man never resorting to violence. Everything was different now, you had to kill to live, you had to wipe out the enemy and that was exactly what the Vampires had set out to do. From the first moments a vampire is changed they are taught how to kill lycans, they were told everything about them and most importantly they were told the golden rule, never befriend a lycan. This rule constantly rang in the back of Nicholas' mind, not only had he befriended a lycan but he had fallen in love with one and not just any lycan, he was in love with the leader's daughter, Eleanor. 

The End

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