Crimson Despair

This is about when I was feeling alot of pain and I needed to write it down

I sit alone thinking and wondering. Confusion enters my mind. The lights go off..I've been here before and this isn't new to me. I tremble in dispair. I know whats coming next....pain.....Every teardrop down my face signals another in the same direction.  Like my sunny skies are covered in clouds with prediction of a heavy downfall on me. Alone again. My heart split, again.  I don't know how many pieces I have left....but I'm sure I don't have many.  My tears are like crimson red pouring out all the love I have given. Thrown away....just as my worst fears that I predicted would happen...I close my eyes and look back through the past and slowly start to push it off and walk away.  Even though like many times before it has come back to me for more of my heart and I let it in...And after it's over, it will come again for me and before, I will let it in...~Shannon Taylor~

The End

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