Some say he's cold. Others say he's heartless. Okay, so he kills people for a living. But that doesn't mean he'd kill me... right?

Taken straight from what seems to be her worst nightmare, Caile Briers finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place after meeting Cross Williams, the distant new boy in town. Who is he? And why is she so interested?

It was cold.

Those were the only words floating around her mind. She should be in her room, reading a book under her lamp with her warm, cotton comforters wrapped comfortably around her legs. She should be holding a mug of warm chocolate prepared lovingly for her by her mother and should be rolling her eyes at the noises her twin little brothers are making in the other room.


Instead, she was waiting outside the airport for him.

Instead of being the good daughter she always has, she’s turning out to be the bad-ass girlfriend to a guy who’s never done anything but annoy her, lie to her, use her, manipulate her, hurt her and most importantly, put her in danger.

There were four days to Christmas.

Her parents won’t be finding her in her room tomorrow morning.

Actually, her parents will probably never see her… alive… ever again.

The snow was picking up. She checked her time. He was almost twenty minutes late now. She swallowed the lump in her throat. She was afraid, she won’t deny that. But what can she do?

Even though she knew who he was, even though she knew her fate after this plane ride—even if she knew she’d never live long enough to see this Christmas—she had fallen too deeply in love with him to care.

“We’re taking off in ten minutes.”

She sighed, her breath puffing out in the blackness. It was almost midnight now, she was shivering cold, and he was scolding her.

“I wasn’t late,” she argued, pulling her bag behind her as she followed him. He hated it when people argued with him. Since they won’t ever be seeing each other anymore, she had decided to take advantage. “Who cares if we’re late, anyway? It’s not like I’ll be living long enough to land.” She grimaced.

He turned to face her abruptly, his face a mask of indifference and annoyance. He glared at her under the midnight sky, and, though it was dark and she could barely see, she could only imagine his penetrating blue-grey eyes trying to dissect her.

“What?” she breathed.

“Move faster” was all he said before he grabbed her bag, slung it across his bag-less shoulder, took her arm and dragged her with him all the way to the airport.

She had to run to keep up with his long strides. They boarded the plane… and soon it was calling for the attention of all passengers to buckle up. Her heart was beating against her rib cage like a base drum. She was leaving Chicago. She was leaving home. She turned her wide-eyed gaze to the boy… man… sitting on the plane seat beside her.

He was staring right at her. He ran his fingers down the length of her face, almost—if she had not known better, would even had thought it was—affectionately. And then his lips quirked up in a cold smile.

“Say goodbye to everything you’ve ever known,” he told her softly, “and hello to your life with me.” 

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The End

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