Crimson Blood

This is a story about a vampire.

Darkness. The type of darkness that only a vampire can see through. This could be lucky for me or bad. I glimpsed a figure, slowly moving towards me; the huntress.

My name is Richard Cromwell. I am a vampire, cursed to live on blood, unless I want to loose the power that surges in me. I am running, or escaping, the infamous vampire hunter, known throughout the world, as Wendy. If I want to get through this alive, I would have to put all of my vampire senses to the test. I would never have thought that this run could rule or end, my life.

I ran to the edge of the forest. I heard voices coming from the vibrant green leaves.

Just give up; she will find you anyway! Better to get it over with! They exclaimed.

"I’d much rather take my chances!" I yelled back at them. I thought I would get away. Until I got to the edge of a cliff. What should I do? Jump? I guess that would be my only option. So I did. It seemed like I was falling forever. I saw something down below, was it a fire? 

 I landed with a bone-breaking thud. Lucky for me, immortality now shields my bones. The crackling of the flame was the only noise to be heard.

I struggled up to my feet and dusted the sand off my clothes.

Once my eyes took a look around I realized I wasn't alone. Not only was there clothes hung up randomly about the cavern, but there were tents. Six tents. Moreover, thanks to my amazing senses, I knew that there were people hiding in the depths of them, waiting for me to depart.

I cleared my parched throat and slowly strode closer to the tents, which now I had a better look, were made of old, haggard sheets of canvas.

There were sharp whispers coming from these tents. Then, an old-looking wretch of a man, came out of one.

He had bad facial hair, which looked like a thick, tangled bush upon his leather-skinned face. He smiled broadly at me and exposed a pair of large, skin-shredding fangs.

I smiled politely back and he nodded, as if I had given him some code.

"It's safe!" Bellowed the old man, "He is one of us."

Then, a swarm of people broke free from the tents and started whispering amongst themselves.

They all wore ragged, old, baggy clothes, sandals and had unkempt hair. How on earth could they survive this way?

"Hey.", a tall vampire muttered to me from inside a tent.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to get down here." He said, not even looking at me.

"h- how do you kn- know I was coming?" I stuttered.

"That is David, he can tell the path you are on, and see where it will take you.” a young dark haired woman explained.

"ss- so he can see into the future?" I inquired timidly.

"Not necessarily, he can see where it takes you, but not what happens to you." she said.

"Sit down. I'll introduce you to everyone." ,she said, and I obeyed her.

"That is Daniel, and he can control and create fire." she said, pointing to a teenage vampire, who looked about 15.

"What, really?" I asked stunned, this would be a good power to combat Wendy.

"Yeah, how else do you think we got a fire started in the rain?" he muttered. I hadn't even realized it was raining.

"I’m Lisa, and that is Janni (he named himself. He was born without one). And that is Hally." she said, pointing everyone out to me.

The End

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