Crimson Beauty

A fourteen year old girl named Anima is living with her Grandfather after her parents died of an incurable disease that is spreading fast.
She Is struggling with school, the death of her parents, and not only is there a ghost that trys to befriend, she has to deal with a deep and dark family secret that she didn't know about until she went to live with her grandfather.

  A petite young girl, the age of fourteen, with pale white skin and long black hair stepped out of a small house wearing a long white silk gown. She gazed up into the night and stepped onto the old worn down porch. A man in his late sixties came out next and stood beside her, resting a hand on her shoulder.

  "Is everything all right?" He said, the wrinkles on his forehead contorting in worry.

  "Everything is fine Grandfather. I'll go to bed in a minute." She replied turning around to face him.

  "Well......Don't stay out here to long, it's getting cold." The old man said rubbing his hands on his arms. "I'm going to get a blanket for you anyways." stating as he went back inside.

A few minutes later he came back outside and wrapped a quilt around her.

"Thank you Papa." Turning around and kissing him on the cheek.

She turned back around and looked back up to the sky when her Grandfather went back inside.

Closing her eyes, she tilted her head down and remembered what her grandfather had told her the night before.


"Anima, I need to speak to you." She heard her grandfather call to her from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'll be right there."She called down, putting the last few books she had in a box onto her bookshelf.

She ran down the stairs only to see that her grandfather was not there. She wandered through the house into the kitchen and saw him leaning against the counter.

"Yes Papa, What did you need?"She replied walking over and opening the fridge.

He sighed "Before your parents died...." He paused when he saw his granddaughter flinch at the mention of her parents. " They wanted me to tell you something.......A secret that they hid from you." He continued, looking down at his feet. "This secret is about you  and about your race."

She looked at him confused "What are you talking about? My race? What does that mean.?"She said in a puzzled tone.

After a few moments of thought her grandpa replied in a blunt voice. "You're not human."

She froze and stared at Papa like he was crazy. "What are you talking about, I'm not human? I don't understand. If i'm not human then what am I?" She said in a rushed and loud voice

Papa spoke in a calmer voice."You're half fairy."

"A fairy." She said in a dry tone "What does that mean?How can I be a fairy?"

"Your mother was a two thirds fairy, Your father was human." He replied sitting down at the kitchen table.

Anima's gaze began to blur and a pain in her back began to form as she took in what was just said. The pain was getting worse the skin on her back started to rip. A pair of black butterfly wings came out, sagging to the floor. Papa looked like he knew what was going on and left the room to get something.

A few moments later the pain was to much for her to bear. She passed out when she saw Papa walk back into the  kitchen.

She woke up laying in bed on her stomache. She winced when she tried to turn over. Feeling a weight on her back, she turned as far around she could to look at her back and realized that everything that had happened that night really happened.

She still had the night black wings.

The End

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