Criminally InclinedMature

It's hard to be a criminal and being able to hide it, but it's harder to help the police while hiding your crimes at the same time.


“Scream for me will you?” I asked the girl. She looked at me with scared eyes; I knew that fear. She saw the various sharp objects that were on the table beside me. Her eyes kept on flitting back and forth from the object to me, but her eyes would never settle on one thing. I sighed heavily, and her eyes rested on me. “I guess it’s time to go to work then.” I smiled wickedly as her face scrunched up in terror.

I grabbed the scalpel; it is always my first choice unless I’m looking for a quick kill. Today was not one of those days. I wanted to go through my regular schedule, or “ritual” as some would call it. It was a full moon, which I know is cliché, but I just love suspense. As of now, the suspense is building dramatically; it is almost at the peak.

“Just make sure you promise me to scream at least once when it hurts, okay?” I asked the girl. She still looked frightened which made me excited. “Time to get started,” I whispered to myself.

The End

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