I can still remember the sweet taste of my first crime. That thrill I got from bending the rules of society. It was only a small crime, nothing major. But it marked my step over the border. I walked through the country of 'Rules' and emerged on the shores of 'Criminality', and I love it here.

You, the poor fool caged in your little world, will never know my freedom. And all it took to set me free, was stealing a car. A car! A small price for freedom I am sure you would agree.

The best part, I was never caught. I remain unknown, even now, fourteen years later, two hundred and twenty seven crimes later, ninety seven different identites later.

I am sure you are wondering why I am talking now. Why I have decided now is the time to, as some would put it, brag is beyond me. I just had this feeling, this urge, to tell the world what I have done to further it. How I made some of the rich and powerful cower.

My first 'big' crime was commited when I was the rip old age of twenty three. Some would say that I was a 'late bloomer' in the world of crime. But once I bloomed, I became a master of the criminal arts.

Some would call me ridiculous names like 'King Pin' and 'The Boss'. I find these slightly offensive. I am not a generally aggressive guy, so I do not do much about these names, because what else are they going to call me? I have complete anonimity. I guess their stupid nicknames is just a positive stamp on my achievements.

Now my first 'big' crime was definitely very odd. And this is my story.....

The End

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