Amora was angry.

It was an accident, her reporters had told her. Simple miscalculations on Lings part.

"Who is she anyway?" Amora demanded as she filed through heaps of paperwork.

"Captain of the Junior Undercover Bomb Planting Squadron, Sector 4 subsection 9 in the CCU department manual," read a scribe proffesionally, ticking things off on a sheet.

"And Gordon?"

"Assistant Computing Technician in Information Retrieval and Collection, Sector 5a subsection 1," the scribe rattled off her clipboard.

"Why on earth was he on a Child Operational Bomb Raid Action?" Amora mused.

The scribe shrugged. "No one can say why he was involved in Operation C.O.B.R.A, ma'am."

"And so everything goes wrong," Amora stormed angrily. "Something goes wrong you say, and then the whole place is in ruins. Two decent workers dead, and a huge mess for me to clear up." Amora put her head in her hands.

The scribe nodded sadly. "That's what happened. BOOM."

The End

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