"Your Highness," Amora murmered respectfully, lowering herself to the floor. "We are honoured.."

"Tush, tush," chasted Princess Henrietta. "Enough of this." She walked round the room, skirts swaying around her as she marched. "Let's get down to buisness."

"You do realise that if the Princess thinks our work unsatisfactory we could be shut down?" Piped up a gangly eleven year old with a dark side fringe.

The assembled governers shuddered at the thought.Being out of buisness was...unspeakable. Disgracefull. They would never regain their credit ever again.

The CCU were feared, respected and hated by many all over the world. Their adult counterparts often thought of them as amatures, or even a threat if they fully understood what they were capable of.

"We need to be strong," added a chubby Asian girl defiantly. "We can't let a fussy Princess walk all over us."

Many nodded in agreement, but the dark haired eleven year old snorted at her. "This is no fussy Princess, Ling. This is Princess Henrietta, the biggest sponser of the CCU. You all know how much we appreciate her help."

The last words hung in the air threateningly, untill Amora brushed inside, flushed and excited. She sat hurridley in her leather chair and brushed hair off her forehead as she spoke.

Missy shadowed Amoras every move, silent and attentive at all times. The governers were watching her counterpart, however.

"The Princess is mildly impressed with our work at the gallery," Amora chattered busily, shuffling papers. "But she needs us to up the anty, guys. Going into the big time."

"When you say big time, you mean.." Questioned Ling.

"Royal theft. Exactly. Let Operation Cobra begin."

The End

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