The Decision

No one I'd ever known had survived any kind of robot attack, let alone a spy.  Harry was crumpled on the ground, unmoving.  If I were to help him, I'd be guilty too..

The Spy stepped towards Harry slowly.  Her expressionless face stared down at him, assessing the situation through two tiny cameras located behind the human-like plastic eyes.  I stood motionless.

I knew the robot had superhuman strength, and that I'd have hardly a chance against it.  Even if I were able of defeating it, Harry was unconscious.  I could never haul him away fast enough before the other patrolbots came.

As I stared down at Harry, the Spy reached down, grabbed him by his neck, and twisted her wiry hands sharply.

A loud crack, and Harry's limp body fell to the ground.  The Spy strode away quietly.

I slowly moved to Harry, watching him for any kind of movement.  His glazed eyes stared off into the distance, his head bent at an unnatural angle.  My hand shakily moved to his wrist, but I felt no pulse.

"Why?" I whispered to myself, and turned away from the sickening image.

It was impossible that Harry was guilty.  I mean, it was true that I hadn't seen him all of yesterday, but.. the only possible way to get to New York and back in that time span would be by a plane, and airplane ticket prices had skyrocketed.  Harry couldn't have gotten that money.

Besides, why would Harry have gone to the Government Research Facility?  He had no reason to.  If he had.. he'd have told me..

I turned my head to face the direction the Spy had been walking away in.  Barely, just barely, I could see her silhouette in the darkness.  Her feet made no sound on the gravelly street, and her wispy synthetic hair fell in a perfect bob over her shoulders.

I turned back at Harry, and grimaced.  I pushed my fingers down over his eyes so I wouldn't have to face his stare, and wondered why he would've done something like this.. that is, if he'd actually done it.

Perhaps it was a conspiracy.  Maybe it wasn't even Harry at all.  But someone was at the Government Research Facility, and when the Spy had come here, Harry hadn't said a thing, almost as though... he'd been expecting it.

I shook the thought out of my head.  That was ridiculous.

Still.. It wouldn't hurt to at least try to find out, and I still had plenty of time to reach the library before dusk.

I gulped, and looked at one of his pants pockets.  Might as well check.. and as rude as it was, he might have money... his body would be gone by the morning anyways.

I reached a hand into his pocket, and felt a piece of paper.

The End

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