We continued to walk in the direction of the library, while looking out for anything searching for us. By now we were passing by a segment of an old torn down warehouse. What interested me about it was that one of the remaining brick walls had the word "Liberate" graffitied on it. As if someone out there still had hope.


“Halt!” said an artificial voice from behind.


Harry and I turned around in unison to see what was there. The sight that appeared in front of me nearly shocked me with awe and terror. I never seen anything like it, but it seemed to look like a feminine figure diffusing through the nearly crumbled wall and out onto the sidewalk. The only way that I could describe it would be to say that she stepped out of a vertical wall of liquid.


Then once it was fully revealed, the figure turned in our direction and stared us down with its blood red eyes.


I never thought I would encounter such a model, but there it was.


A TR4-1Z; also known as a "SPY", due to its stealth and the lack of known information about its capabilities. This one, in particular, seemed to be the newest model since the metal plates that covered 40% of the body was made out of the newly upgraded flixicarbon. These plates covered segments of the forearms, legs and the upper body. However the most noticeable part was the amount of detail that went into making the realistic face.


The rest of the outer surface seemed exposed; as if it wasn't complete. The inner working of the machine was made up of series of ever complexing wires and microchips. Another interesting thing about this "SPY" is that it had a feminine look to it, which is odd to say since robots can't be classified into genders.


"I've found two people in location D-67", it said in the communication device embedded in its right hand. "Both adult males and were caught walking down the street, with above average heart rates. Possibility of suspicious activity. Initiating analysis."


“Umm...” I tried to speak. "I know you think we are a couple of-" But before I was able to finish a flash of red light blinded my eyes. "Ah!!!" I screeched in reaction to the pain within my eyes.


The SPY used a retina scanner, to identify my serial number. 


"Identification number 77TEHI321. ‘Ollie Hegemann’, age 21, criminal status: Clean."


I hate it when they do that.

Certain patrolbots can use the scan to locate any human on Earth (as long as their birth was recorded). The bots are constantly updated with personnel information as well, and always know who is a criminal at anytime.


Now the machine turned her head towards Harry and scanned him. Covering his eyes I could tell that the flash nearly blinded him as well.


"Identification number 75GRWU789. ‘Harry Clemens’, age 21, criminal status..." there was an oddly long pause, and by now Harry was able to see again. "...Guilty."


Within a mere blink of an eye the SPY grabbed Harry by the neck and slammed his entire body into the brick wall. The incredibly fast action nearly crushed his neck completely. 


"Wh-What are you doing!?!" I screamed.


The feminine patrolbot said in response, “Harry Clemens was spotted at the Government Research Facility in New York, for unrequested reasons, at 2:32 AM on Wednesday July 17. Since he was unauthorized he is suspected of terrorism, and could have committed a crime. Therefore subject 75GRWU789 must be eliminated.”


But that doesn’t seem right. New York was at least 2,000 miles away from here. Also today is the 18th of July; how could he be possibly back here in time?


What was I going to do? Leave and let my friend die, or get killed trying to save him?


I had to choose quickly.

The End

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