Harry stuck his head out the door and checked the dark lifeless streets in front of the house. Realizing the coast was clear he gave me the signal and started to walk towards the curb of the street. I followed while checking back to see the old man waving "Good bye". 


I caught up with Harry and stuffed the letter that the old man gave me inside my jacket, and then gave him a slight nod. "Alright let's go." I said.  Harry complied and headed down the street, then I quickly followed. By the time we were two houses down, I once again checked the old man's house and saw that the front door was closed.


Surviving in this hellhole of a city is more challenging than one might think. For instance if you were to ever get caught by a patrolbot, never run. To the mind of a machine, running implies a guilty conscience, and therefore they can conclude that the person has committed a crime. This is what makes them different from us; the machines use pure logic and no sense. They could arrest an old woman or kill an infant if they simply end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The streets were as lifeless as anyone could imagine. Fear has become the prison bars that have encaged the inhabitants of this new world. The machines undoubtedly have a surplus of power. No underground rebellion could even stand a chance at competing against this mechanical army. Many had tried but all have failed and died. Eventually all attempts for liberation had died down and man was submerged under its own creation.


While Harry and I were crossing one of the dimly lit streets, a faint scream echoed from my left. Down the road the light from a slightly slanted light post allowed me to see a young boy stumble under his own tired feet. Immediately afterwards two large robotic beasts emerged from the shadows and mobbed the helpless boy.       


These models are known as TI-9K, or also more commonly called "Stockers". The government doesn't have too many of these because of how expensive the materials are to make something that large and quick. They have a triangular frame with 4 inch armored frontal plates, and resemble the shape of a large bear (back when they still existed).


The material that their limbs use is known as flixicarbon, a new material that the government created about five years ago. It is practically indestructible and yet flexes in any direction. This malleable material granted the stockers their incredible speed. However as threatening as the TI-9K are, they are nowhere close to the most dangerous patrolbots that roam these streets.


The two Stockers dragged the boy back into the shadows and the faint cries of help suddenly halted.


After standing there in horror, Harry pulled the front of my jacket and said, "Come on, there's nothing we can do."

The End

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