Crime and Trick

     Leona Lewis, an 15 years old high school student. On her way back to their house, she was call by an unknown person, in a voiced over tone, said;


     "Leona Lewis, after listening, do not make any wrong moves, you are being watched."

     "Your father, Inspector Lewis, for three years, has been searching for the FBI"s most wanted criminal right?"

     "Y-y-yes." She said, trembling in great fear.

     "I can be of help and I need you to meet me. How? Near the second bench on  your right, there is a van, Ride on the van and it will lead you to where I am right now. Now, ride on the van. Again, you are being watched."

     She rode the van, taking note of the plate number. As she sat down, a man with a covered face was beside her. "Your phone." The man said. She gave her phone to the man. The man talked to that unknown person. "Sir, we are on our way." Then he turned off her phone.

     The van went inside a huge building. Parking it on the ground floor. There was no security guards, not a person except them. The man accompanied Leona. When they went to the main door, it was locked. Not by a padlock. Instead, they use biometrics, pin, and face recognition. And their door were made of layers of different kinds of metals and glass, to be specific, their order was;

  1. bullet-proof glass
  2. bomb-proof glass
  3. iron
  4. steel
  5. silver
  6. platinum.

    On the 27th floor, there was a large, dark, office. And the man leaving Leona alone there. Leona looked around, frightened. Then she saw a man sitting on an office chair, but his face was turned away from Leona

     Leona figured out that the man she sees right now was the one she was talking with awhile ago.

     The  man started to speak. "Leona, would you like to play a game?" And the lights were turned on. And the man turned around, being covered by a hat. Leona, still trembling, nodded silently. "Alright, I have a deck of cards here with two Jokers. I will separate these Jokers and place them somewhere in the deck." And he did what he said. "I will spread them and I will get two cards, if I was able to get both Jokers, I will have you see my face and tell me to the police. But if what I only picked was one Joker or both was different, it means, your death." Leona trembled more.

     The man started to spread and choose two cards, secretly, when he chose his second card, he took two cards. When he showed what he chose first, it was a Joker. Then he said. "You know, I guess it is only coincidence that can make you win." He said with a cruel smile. Then he turned the other one, it was a Four of Clubs. Leona was really turned pale, but then, the man took a card under the Four of Clubs. "Wait! Don't pull!" The man was surprised, and he did as what Leona said. "Why? What if this was a Joker?" "If that was a Joker, would you totally surrender? You would surrender, but there will be a different happening!" "Don't mind that, they should be here before I do that." As he pulls out the card, which was a Joker. "You should be happy right now I will let you see my face and know my name." As he faces Leona and removed the hat. "I am John Anthony Schwarzenberger, an Austrian-American man." His face was very pleasing, handsome and well groomed. "I am the mastermind of the murder of the President. Here, use my phone, call the FBI, let them talk to me as a proof. Before I do it, they should arrive here first." As Leona took the phone and called them, and Inspector Lewis was the one who answered.



     "Good E- Oh! Leona! What made you call?"

     "Dad, can you track this phone's location right now?"

     "Why? No time for nonsense actions right now, make sure this is urgent!"

     "The FBI's most wanted, is just here with me."

     "No time for jokes right now Leona! Give me a proof!"

      The man asked for the phone. "Alright, hand the phone to me."

     "Inspector Lewis, this is John Anthony Schwarzenberger speaking. Suppose, this is enough for a proof, knowing that only the FBI agents are the only ones who knows my name."

     "I will have this phone to be tracked and I will make sure you will not lay a finger on my daughter!"

     "Don't worry, she will be safe until your arrival with the police."

     John ended the call. "Don't worry, they will arrive as soon as possible." "Make sure." John made a cruel smile. Using another phone, he called one of his personnel. "When the police arrives, make sure to let them in and bring them to me." "Alright! All set! All you have to do is to sit back and relax. Wait for them."

     Seven minutes after, the police arrived. They went in John's office. "Alright, all set!" As he grabs Leona and pointed a gun on her head. "Dad!" She screamed. "You  can shoot, bu there will be consequences. Once you shoot me, I will shoot her. Kill me and I will kill her. "I knew it, from the moment we played that game. Dad, kill him, don't worry about me." "No! No way I would do that! I will never do that to my own daughter!" Chief Inspector Naples added. "Inspector Lewis, do this for justice, you daughter is willing to sacrifice." Inspector Lewis took five steps forward, and he ran towards John. He took John's hand and have him point it to him. "Make me die instead." And he pulled the trigger pointing to John. "If that's what you want, then fine." Ans John pulled the trigger pointing to Inspector Lewis. "Dad!" "Inspector!" Leona, in tears,fell down onto her knees and hugged his father tightly. "Why you, dad..." As she cried aloud, Chief Inspector Naples approached her. "That's how much your dad loves both you and justice, that he could die for both things."

     The case of the late President's Murder is already solved and closed.While every time they remember the day the case was solved, Leona remembers the day of her dad's death. It has been three years past. And for the next month, it will be Leona's debut. "Mom, my debut is the worst debut ever." "How come?" "No dad will come to dance with me for the first rose. I'm so sorry mom." "Don't say that, it is not your fault." as her mom hugged her. "I don't want a new dad okay?" Her mom wiped her tears. "Don't worry, you will only have one dad." As they walked away, going to their car.

The End

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