Chapter 1 - One Thirty SixMature

This story is one that I had started working on a while back and just sort of abandoned. I am really interested in getting this story back up and going, but not at the moment, I am having too much fun laying out and writing the other story that I am working on, but still, any feedback is much appreciated.

"Here.  Right here is where she should be in, oh, just 45 minutes," Agent One Thirty Six thought to himself as he made himself comfortable in the bushes.  As he pulls out his dagger to check and make sure it is sharp enough, the sunlight catches it's gleam.  "Just a clean slice, that's all it will take, then I will have my ten grand and be able to go about my day," he smiled to himself.

Agent One Thirty Six fumbles through his pockets for his memo about Julianna, deciding maybe he should read the full reason why she is being killed, instead of just who he was assigned to.  This one individual he was assigned to was the first in which the person piqued his interest, the first woman he was assigned to.

"A witch.  Complete with supernatural powers!  Not just some lady who brews up potions and throws vials of liquid around; she held a man by his neck up against the wall.  Without using her hands!  According to some bystanders during the murder of old Mr. James, a small blast of lightning came off of her after she killed the man and she ran off like a cheetah, leaving the man charred.  I know I've never had to say this to you, but One Thirty Six, be careful out there."  -Commander

As One Thirty Six crumbled the note, his heart began to race.  "Let her be on time.  I've been tracking her for two weeks.  She should be here in exactly...twenty seven minutes," as he looked at his watch.  Contemplating what exactly he was going to do would be the hard part.  Had he read that note before, he would have been better prepared.  "I can't believe I took this on without knowing the dangers of this woman.  I assumed it was just some ex-lover trying to get his revenge.  I'm lucky I was bored enough to read the full letter."

A rustle in the tree branch startled the agent out of his daydreaming mind.  Panicked, he looks up to see a raven nesting in the tree.  "Twelve minutes left."  Getting antsy, he stands for a second; looking down the road, he sees her.  Glittering eyes in the sunlight.  Bluish-grey hair, and the most pale skin of any woman, and yet somehow, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

In the back of his mind, a little voice whispers, "Take it in, take it all in, because this may be the last hour you are alive." And after reading the letter from his commander, he knew this was probably true, but he knew he could not let his fear take over his brain.  Agent One Thirty Six calmly and quietly crouched behind the luscious bush again, hoping that she hadn't seen him after his careless mistake.

"Analyze.  Think.  Assess.  Attack," the agent repeated over and over again, trying to treat this case just like every other mission.  "At her current speed, I have 12 paces until she is directly in front of me.  After that, 3 more paces and I will attack from behind.  Slice through her throat, just like the lad last night."

There she was, just where he needed her to be.  As swift as he could be, One Thirty Six drew his dagger and was behind her, but just as his dagger was two inches from the front of her throat, he felt a searing wave of heave come over him, causing the most intense muscle spasms he had ever endure.  As he was seizing with pain, Julianna whispered in his ear "You thought I hadn't noticed you yet?" Blacking out for a few seconds, he saw a bright blue glow; then she was in front of him.  He couldn't feel the ground under his feet anymore, nor could he breathe.  He knew this was it; he knew he was going to dies.  Suddenly the ground hit him hard and the girl was gone.  The pain was too much, so he struggled to reach for the watch on his wrist.  The suicide pill was hidden there, fore a situation like this.  He wouldn't have survived her beating anyway.


The End

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