Chapter 5

"Fashion statement?" Jack asked when he calmly walked into the crew's 'Merchant Chalet' and saw Meera covered in chilli sauce.

He saw Raj trying to break open a can of stewed tomatoes with a sharp rock. He raised his gun.

"Jack, are you insane?" Meera yelled and lunged at him. Too late. Jack stepped forward, neatly missing Meera, who fell on the ground. Jack pulled the trigger.

Two neat holes were punched at both ends of the can.

"Hey, thanks!" Raj called out.

"No problem."

He continued to walk towards Zhang, who had a map which Jack needed to look at. Just then, a tall, tan man jumped out in front of him.

"You got ruler?" The man asked.

Jack recognized the man's features.

"Hey, kau orang Melayu, kan? (Hey, you're Malay, aren't you?)" Jack asked in the native Malaysian language. There weren't a lot of Malaysians in the galaxy, Malay or Chinese, and the chances of two meeting together were slim.

"Ya, macam mana kamu tau? (Yeah, how did you know?) Syahim replied.

"Keluarga aku dari Malaysia. (My family's from Malaysia too.)"

"Walao, kau juga? (Wow, you too?)"

"Ya. Kita boleh bual nanti la. (Yeah. We can talk later.)"

Jack walked away from Syahim. Without looking up, he fired a few shots in the air with the revolver he used as a can opener.

On the beams above, the water balloons exploded in Amir Syazan's hands.

"Another Malay guy, what are the odds," Jack muttered to himself.

Chuang Yun, who was fighting Bob and Dan (Well, just Dan) saw Jack and instinctively threw another scalpel at him. Jack shot it out of the air.

"Sorry, I thought you were Dan," Chuang called out.

"Sorry, I thought you were trying to kill me," Jack replied.

Jack finally reached Zhang. He looked stressed.

"Oh, what is it now?" Zhang asked.

"I need to look at that map," Jack said.

He took a pin and struck it on a nondescript point on the map.

'That's Thanatos's hideout," Jack told Zhang.

He walked out of the chalet calmly.

Everyone was silent. Then, Zhang asked :

"Meera, who was that?"

The End

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