Chapter 4

"Zhang, where's my can opener?"

"I don't know, you're the chef!"

"You better tell me, or else. . ." Raj said in a menacing tone. However, when it came to Raj's voice, there was a very thin line between menacing and funny.

Zhang screamed in frustration. Out of all the people in the crew he was a part of, Raj was probably the most annoying. Not only was Raj extremely prideful in his work as a chef, though Zhang had to admit that Raj's cooking was tasty, he also ate about two thirds of all the food he prepared. More than once, the crew had gone hungry because of his gluttony, and most of their spare money was wasted as well.

"Ching Chang Chong, where's your ruler? I want to borrow,"

Syahim was another one. As one of the crew's 'extra personnel', Syahim didn't really have much work to do when they were off their ship. Half of the time, he couldn't really understand what Syahim said, as Syahim wasn't that fluent in English.

"What do you mean? What do you want to borrow?" he replied, annoyed.

Zhang worked as a navigator for the crew. Whether they were in space or on land, he always did his research about the area they were in. It was a miracle that he could do such a thing, considering the people he was surrounded with.

"Your ruler," replied Syahim.

"Can't you just you want to borrow my ruler instead of ending your sentence with 'I want to borrow'?"

"Uh. . . Cannot,"

"Why not?"

"Because you stupid," said Syahim, so then proceeded to kick Zhang's shin and ran off, leaving him in a state of pain.

Finally! Some peace and quiet, Zhang thought to himself, as he resumed his research about Serenity.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, Amir jumped up from behind him and smashed his head into the table in front of him, also erasing much of the information he had acquired.

Oh no, not another one, Zhang thought in frustration.

Before he could reply to Amir's attack, Amir quickly wrapped his hands around Zhang's waist from behind, lifted him up, and did a brutal German Suplex on him. Without giving Zhang a moment to recollect himself, Amir quickly did an armbar on Zhang. Experienced in using it, especially on Zhang, Amir extended Zhang's elbow just to a point where it was about to break. Luckily for Zhang, Amir had use this combination of moves on him so many times that Zhang barely felt the pain anymore, allowing him to reply to Amir calmly.

"So, what do you want this time?"

"Give me your monies!" replied Amir in the most brutal voice he could make. Amir had a habit of adding an 's' to the word money, and pronouncing it in a strange way.

"Never!" said Zhang, who decided to play along.

"Oi, what you doing to my patient?" came a deep voice from the other side of the chalet they were in.

Amir's body tensed up and he paused for a moment, before quickly scrambling away to hide. The reason he ran away was because of Chuang Yun, the crew's doctor. Chuang Yun, like Syahim, wasn't very fluent in English. Combined with his deep voice and accent, he sounded barbaric most of the time. Chuang Yun's skills as a doctor would be what one would call 'God-like' when he was serious. One problem was that Chuang Yun was almost never serious with his work, and his patients would be at the brink of death before he properly treated them with his awesome skills. Another problem, was that Chuang Yun liked to bully Zhang. This was really only a problem for Zhang, but he liked to think that he wasn't the only victim.

"Hey Chuang, you're going down!" came a high-pitched voice.

"Wah, you challenge me ah?" replied Chuang.

Other than Chuang Yun, Raj, Amir, Syahim, Zhang and Meera, were Bob and Dan. These two were the maintenance team of the ship. Like Chuang Yun, their possessed amazing skills. The problem with these two 'Twins' were that Bob usually never did any of the work unless he had to, and Dan was even more prideful than Raj.

"Yeah, we challenge you!" said Dan.

"Actually, I think I'll sit this out," and Bob, the person who originally called out Chuang's name, walked away lazily.

Chuang Yun took out a scalpel from his lab coat and threw it at Dan, who dodged it with surprising agility. The two engaged in a deadly game which involved the throwing of wrenches and scalpels. It was a good thing that Chuang was a good doctor. What was not good, however, was Syahim, who was about to drop a heavy object on top of Zhang's head. Eyes wide open, Zhang managed to roll away from the object, and quickly got back to his feet. Syahim stared at him innocently.

"Hey, you called me Ching Chang Chong just now. I know I'm Chinese, but that's racist!" said Zhang, challenging Syahim's innocence.

"Okay, I sorry," apologized Syahim.

"Huh, are you serious? You're going to apologize that easily?". Zhang was doubtful, as Syahim usually had a trick or two up his sleeves whenever he was challenged.

"No, I lie!" said Syahim gleefully. He pointed to above Zhang's head.

Curious, Zhang looked up to find Amir hanging on the beams at the top of the chalet. In his hands were water balloons, which were dropped on Zhang's face.

Thats it, thought Zhang. He pulled out a water pistol, which was filled up with chilli sauce to squirt at the eyes of enemies. It was his own improvised version of pepper spray.

He chased Syahim around the chalet until at last, Syahim was cornered in the short hall leading towards the entrance to the chalet. Without hesitating, he pulled the trigger of the water pistol. Syahim ducked. He kept shooting until a familiar female voice interrupted. Zhang and everyone else stopped what they were doing at once, and quickly assembled in front of the door in single file, facing the only woman in their crew, and their captain, Meera. To make matters worse, some of Zhang's stray chilli sauce shots had hit her.

"So, I leave for a few hours, and even though you guys know that our ship is stolen," she paused for a moment to inspect the chilli sauce on her clothes. "And this is what you monkeys do?"

The End

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