Chapter 2

The past two years had been hard for Meera and her crew. After the assassination of the CEO of Galaxy Express, the company they worked for, many of the Galaxy Express employees quit their jobs out of fear. Because of that, GalEx had shrunk a lot from the major logistics service it used to be. The result of its sudden lack of employees and its popularity at the time before the CEO's murder was a gigantic amount of uncompleted orders. In an attempt to stop GalEx to shut down completely, drastic changes were made to the way things were run. Meera and her crew, who used a small ship meant for small, short-distance orders, had to start carrying a heavier load to complete the orders faster.

Even with the change, which was meant to speed things up, it had been two years since then and the number of uncompleted orders still seemed endless.

Maybe having such a good reputation wasn't such a good thing after all, thought Meera as she reminisced about the recent events in her life.

Rolling around the strength pills she bought from a local drug store in the palm of her hand, Meera went through what had happened. She and her crew had landed on Serenity on their way back to GalEx to get their next batch of orders for supplies. Thinking that it would be safe, no one stayed on the ship to guard it. A few hours later, they returned to find their ship gone. After talking to some of the locals to try and find some clues about the culprit, they found out that it was the work of Thanatos, the biggest crime lord on Serenity. If it was anything bigger than a hairpin, it went to him.

Thanatos, the Greek personification of Death, she chuckled at the irony of the thought. Its almost as if we're really going up against death.

Meera looked up at a rotten old wooden board nailed to the top of the bar she stood in front of. On the board, she could barely make out the letters 'Fred's Shed'. The last bar she had went to had been no help at all, and the only thing the bartender talked about was how bad Fred's Shed was. One of the insults he made about it was calling it Fred's Shid. Not only did the bartender bore her about how bad Fred's Shed was, but he also stopped her from leaving, insisting that she just had to try out a few of the drinks.

Sour faced, Meera swallowed the strength pills in her hand, which had cost what little money she had left, and waited a few seconds for the pills to take effect. Once she felt a rush of energy rushing through her limbs, she stepped into Fred's Shed, walked over to the bartender, and asked him a question.

"Know anyone who can shoot a gun?"

The End

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