Crested in ScarletMature

Alexis hated her life. Her parents were dead, she had no siblings and none of her relatives even appeared to 'exist' at all. She's eight-teen, and lives alone in the house her parents left her. The basement of the house is a room she was never allowed to enter when her parents were still alive, but now, after 15 years of curiosity, she's about to find out things that she never would have imagined to be possible.

He held my arms behind my back as he tilted my head back onto his shoulder. Everything was black and I couldn't see a thing. It was because it was so dark, that I couldn't see his face. Well, that and the fact that my head was being tilted backwards. I could hear his deep breaths in my ear as his mouth was near my neck. I was frightened, and didn't know what to do. I closed my eyes as I tried to calm myself down, but something kept telling me to be afraid. His lips touched the bare skin of my neck, and it made me let out a small cry and I cringed slightly, but his strong hold kept me standing in place.
"Shhh..." He whispered in my ear. "It will all be over soon. I promise." But this promise didn't make me feel any better. It only made me more concerned with what he was doing with me. I don't know what it was, but it was something about what he said that was making me feel more uncomfortable than I already was...
Two sharp points stabbed deeply into my neck, drawing blood instantly. I let out a soft breath, as I felt the pain from the points. I could feel something being injected into me, but then I could feel something else that felt strange... He was sucking my blood.
He pulled his mouth away from my neck and released my arms and head. I had only a moment to take in what had happened, before I was hit with immense pain all over my body. Instinctively, I wanted to just fall to my knees and to my surprise, he actually let me fall this time. As I fell, I wrapped my arms around my stomach and bent forward, forcing myself not to scream. It was extremely excruciating and felt as though a thousand knives and swords were being stabbed through me constantly. Tears started trickling down my eyes as I started to cry and shake uncontrollably. I hadn't realized it at first, but what I was crying wasn't really tears, but blood. Blood was streaming down my face. 
As I was suffering on the ground, the man crouched down below me. He leaned in close to my face and whispered, "When you're ready, search me out." And it was a few second after that that my body decided it couldn't take any more pain. So I fainted.

The End

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