Tom hugged his knees to his chest as he sat on the floor in the corner of his cell. He tried to think of anything - other than the truth - to say when his mother arrived and asked him why exactly he was in need of bail, but he couldn't keep his thoughts from wandering off in their own directions. He pondered the sadness of failure, and he remembered with longing all the days of his adolescence when he would sit in the branches of the huge maple in his front yard gazing in through the windows of the house across the street or trying to figure out the best way to climb up the outside of the one next door.

Somehow those lovely days of dreaming and planning had slipped away from him. He had gotten so close to making all of his  dreams come true! For eight years he had lived the life he'd always wanted to live: working as a perfectly respectable manager of the local grocery store during the day and sneaking up to beautiful women's windows at night to watch them undress. It was always a rush for Tom - the only way he had ever been able to achieve a natural high. But now he was caught. He was exposed! Undone! He would never be able to look any of his customers in the eye again - that is, assuming he still had a job the next day. And what of his real passion? Would he ever see another shimmering satin robe hit the floor?

But he would have to think about all that some other time because just then his thoughts were interrupted by his mother strolling through door. Her immaculate mink coat was thrown haphazardly over her left shoulder, and a bright blue feather boa fluttered about her bent elbows as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

The End

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