He stood up. His head barely reached over the ivy covered fence. Moonlight descended from the heavens trying to get a view of what was happening. He was a short man with a round face. What some might call a modern day hobbit. His face was greasy from sweat. Nervousness was coursing through his muscles. Though his size was inadequate, He had plenty of strength in his body. This fence was just a mere obstacle that he had climbed over many times, but something was different about tonight. His gut was murmuring bad things into his ear. He paid his intuition no mind and climbed right over the fence. The yard was only fifteen feet wide from fence to house, but it seemed to stretch on for miles and miles. Every step he took on the cushioned grass gave the sound of car alarms coming from inside his head. He started tip-toeing his way across the lawn. When he reached halfway something rustled from the tall oak tree positioned next to the house. He froze. He wanted to turn and run back to the fence and never return, but that would take the fun out of the sport. He heard a faucet turn off. He didn’t have much time left. He crept his way to the house. Easing along the side of the house as though his body was magnetized to it, he made his way to the bedroom window. This was it. This was the thrill that he longed for. His sick addiction was practically making him giddy. He stood, staring in the window waiting for the lights to come on. They did. Linda walked into her bedroom as freely as she always did. She didn’t even notice Tom. Her robe hit the floor. Tom’s eyes lit up. They were staring a hole through Linda’s chest. She felt something amiss. Then her eyes ran for the window. They met Tom’s with a scared and angry look of shock. She didn’t know what to do. Tom ran. He knew that she knew it was him. He was in trouble. Tom was worried. Mostly, Tom was disappointed, because he would no longer be able to be the peeper that he wanted to be. Linda called the police in a frantic plea for help. She told the cops exactly who it was. Peeping Tom was arrested and was never allowed to peep again.

The End

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