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It was kind of funny how it happened. Gabriel Marciano remembered it like it was yesterday. How humans went from being the Hunters to being nothing more than Prey. One moment, they were on top of the food chain. The next, shoved into cages and sold as slaves and pets. A cold smirk crossed his lips as his fingers ran along the leather collar on his neck. A slave, yes, but a willing one. At least this time.

One year

One year since the creatures of the night came out. 365 days marking the rise to power. 52 weeks of freedom for the tiger shifter. Each number flashed through his mind like a neon sign.

Now it was his turn to be the predator he had been born to be.

The snapping of twigs and decayed leaves crunched under Gabe's feet. The scent of an unfallen snow assaulted his sensitive nose. He fought back a sneeze. Brown eyes scanned the park, straining to hear any sounds besides the ones he made. Someone else was there. 

The smirk widened, twisting into something sadistic. Something that did not quite reach the coldness in his soulless eyes. Time to play. The shifter's body tensed. Too long since my last kill...

Hunting pushed his thoughts of the uprising away. All Gabe wanted to do now was kill. The instinct gnawed at him. It burrowed inside like a parasite, controlling him. And he reacted to the burning desire.

"Wh-who's there?"

A stammering voice cut through the air. Gabe ran toward the sound, movements agile and pure feline grace. Mid-run, the man turned from human to a large, Siberian tiger. The tiger's tail flicked as it padded along the trail. A growl emitted from his throat as he lunged at the human in front of him. 

The scream pierced through the frosty air. It made Gabe's fur stand on end. His ears rung. But his claws dug in deeper as his fangs bit into the neck. A snap. Then the metallic liquid filled his mouth.  

He remained on top of his victim until the man went limp under him. And then he shifted back, almost as if he had never been a tiger in the first place. He was covered in blood, but he did not mind. He walked back to where he had changed and threw his clothes back on. 

The End

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