Demrin and John waited in the room alongside the cage again. Stephanie was muttering enticingly to John, trying to convince him to open the cage so she could join him, become his lover.

Marik entered and stared at John.

“Are you ready?”

John nodded. The cage burst open, and Stephanie gracefully left it. She glided over to John, and started running her hands across his chest. She kissed his neck and ran her tongue along his flesh.

“Let’s do it, John. You know it would be amazing!”

“Not now, Stephanie”.

John didn’t even look at her. Stephanie found her hands out of her own control at the sound of his voice. They removed themselves from his neck and sat themselves on her hips. She was steadily forced back into the cage and the door slammed shut.

Demrin and Marik looked on, stunned. What had just happened?

“Very good, John. But you need to learn how to mental block them. That physical defence, whatever you did, will not work every time. A time will come where you will be distracted, and you will not be able to input that defence”.

Marik stared at John a moment longer, and then swept from the room, worry creasing his brow. Demrin stared at John.

“How did you do that?”

John only stared at him.


They sat opposite each other in their room. John looked up and opened his mouth to speak.

“I’ll show you how I avoided Stephanie today”.

Demrin’s gaze flicked up at this. He stared at John. His friend held a hand out in front of him and a small orb of shadow began to form there. Demrin gasped in shock.

“John! What are you doing? That’s shadow magic!”

“I know. I am learning the basics, they come in handy in our fight against the dark, as you saw earlier”.

“Marik won’t approve of this”.

“And I trust you won’t tell him, you are my best friend after all, and I can help you to learn to use the shadows if you so wish?”

Demrin’s interest was tweaked, they might be a handy weapon against the dark.

“Okay, I’m in”.

The End

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