John approached the cage. He reached out a hand to stroke one of hers.

“She can’t be that dangerous, she is only a girl”, he said, entranced by her beauty. He moved towards the latch, meaning to open it, but Marik said “no”.

John snapped out of it and turned to look at them.

“S-sorry”, he said shakily. “Sh-she drew me in”.

“Pay more attention next time John, I did say they try to seduce their prey. Now you have both seen the extent those powers can reach. And now you know why I must teach you how to defend yourselves from these beasts”.

“Yes, we do”, they said in unison.

Marik nodded.

“Demrin, you will try first. Prepare your mind ward, you form your own unique one, and in a moment I shall release, Stephanie, from her cage”.

Demrin stared at Marik as he spoke these words. Did he really think they were ready to have a lustful demon such as a succubus released on them? Shaking his head clear, Demrin formed a temporary ward around his mind, blocking out all outside influences. He had no idea if it would be powerful enough or not, but at least it was something.

Marik stepped back, gesturing for John to do the same. He flicked his wrist, opening the latch on the cage. Stephanie gracefully stepped out, her slender form extending to its full height, her assets deliberately well protruding, enticing. Demrin’s ward was doing something; he felt no lure to the woman.

She approached him, pressing herself against his body, bringing her lips close to his ear, nibbling on the end of it, then turning his head to face her.

“Come on love, you know you want me. Lets head back to your room and I’ll show you a good time”.

“No, Stephanie, I am afraid I cannot allow that”, Demrin said, “That would be detrimental to my own health”.

“No love, I couldn’t hurt a big man like you” she said, her voice low, her small hand squeezing Demrin’s bicep.

“I said no!” Demrin said, and he took her hand off his arm. She snarled, fangs appearing in her mouth. Demrin gasped in shock, and threw her back into the cage with wind. Marik stepped forward and slammed the door shut behind her.

“Very good Demrin, I am impressed. John, you shall attempt it tomorrow once she has had time to calm down”.

John nodded, disappointment etched on his face, portraying his dislike at being forced to wait to prove himself. They left the room, the door swinging shut behind them as Stephanie snarled after her lost prey.


Demrin woke at the sound of light footsteps in his room. He spotted John’s shadow make for the door. Where was he going?

Demrin rose and slipped a robe about himself, then followed. He kept a safe distance behind, not allowing John to know he was following. They moved silently through the corridors of the manor, then John went down the stairs. He entered the work room they had been shown the succubus in.

Demrin followed, opened the door a crack and peered in. John was sat beside the cage, conversing with Stephanie.

“Hello”, he said.

The succubus lowered herself to a seated position and stared into John’s eyes through the bars of the cage.

“Let me out love, so we can have some fun”.

“I can’t do that until I know I can control you”.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise”.

“I still can’t do that. I just came down here to talk to you. Soon, I will be able to let you out without fearing you will try to kill me”.

“They are pushing you to one side, John. You will be out of the picture soon. Demrin is his favourite, you know that, I know it, they know it. SO why not let me free? I can help you be great! Together, we could rule the world”.

“They won’t do that...Sa-Demrin is my friend. Even if he can’t tell me his true name. He won’t allow that to happen”.

“See”, she hissed, “He doesn’t trust you anymore. Soon he will want nothin to do with you”.

“Lets talk about something else. I don’t like this, I know Demrin won’t do that to me”.

“As you wish”.

Demrin closed the door and moved away. The succubus was trying to play John. She was trying to turn him against Marik and he. 

The End

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