The creature in the cageMature

Demrin woke early the next morning, as they did every morning. He quickly washed and dressed, headed to the kitchen where he ate some porridge from the large pot on the stove, then went to await Marik in the work room. Several large, medium and small tables were scattered about, along with several bookshelves, cabinets, cages and various other bits and pieces.

John soon joined him, looking decidedly chipper. He seemed to have forgotten his gloom from the previous evening. He greeted Demrin enthusiastically, and took his place next to him.

Marik swept in soon after, a cage floating along behind him, covered by a large black cloth. The cage set itself down on one of the large tables in the room. Marik turned his head to the two boys before him.

“You are both sixteen now”, he said, his voice low, yet powerful. “At these stages in your life, if not already, you will begin to take a sexual interest in the females in the world around you. It is time you learned of the demons that inhabit this world which may attempt to take advantage of those desires”.

Marik flicked a hand and the cloth flew off the cage, revealing a young woman, maybe only a few years older than Demrin and John. Her long blonde hair fell in layers to her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes stared pleadingly at Demrin as she grasped the bars of the cage.

“Why have you got a girl in the cage, Master?” John asked.

“This is not a girl, John. This is a very particular form of demon, one which seduces men, lures them into her trap. She engages in sexual congress with them, then eats their soul and tears their bodies to shreds once she is done. Do either of you know what she is?”

The two boys looked at each other, and then turned to answer.

“It’s a succubus”.

“Correct, I am impressed, you have shown me you are both studying as you should be. This one calls herself Stephanie. It is almost impossible to recognize a succubus; their disguise is so breathtaking and so well designed. So rather than attempting to teach you to recognize one, I shall teach you how to defend yourself from one”.

The two boys glanced at each other again. Who ever knew women could be so scary? They would think twice before chatting up the local girls in the tavern in the town.

“You remember when we practised minor mental warding? Well this requires a more serious form of that warding. You must learn to block your soul from these creatures. You must also use the physical defensive powers I have taught you so far to protect yourself the moment they try and rip you to shreds. Of course I would prefer it if you were to not engage in sexual relations with women at all, even normal, everyday ones are far too dangerous. But I, as every warlock before me, know that men cannot resist the temptation of having a woman in their life. So it is imperative that you learn this. Now, let us begin!”

The End

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