Creatures of Moonlight

A story of people on a journey to find out the origin of their strange powers and their past.

Alexus: Jaguar

I threw on my black jumper dress and folded down the tortoise-neck. I slipped on my black knee-high boots and grabbed my back, swiftly leaving my house and running to the library. I was late, really late. Last night I decided to transform and I got a little too comfortable.

My name is Alexus Carmille; I was orphaned at the age of ten, so that’s not my real last name. I couldn’t remember a thing. I work in the downtown library of New York, it’s a nice place where you can get lost in the history. I took a degree in it, purely for my own purposes. I don’t want a great job that pays well. I like it here. Although, I only work five out of the seven days a week and I have a lot of time on my hands so I help some of the high-school kids study history. Of course, I like to read as well in my spare time. Oh! Oh! I shouldn’t be talking I’m late!

I swing into the library and place my bag in the staff room, quickly punching in. Great, looks like I’m working overtime today. I start my work putting books in order and what not. School should be finishing soon; I check my watch and head over to the reception desk where I begin my second duty of the day.

Hmm, I put the coffee to my lips and smile as I lean back in my chair, enjoying the silence. My home is full of old books. First editions, tattered covers all crammed into antique oak bookshelves. I have a lovely fire that has flowers carved into it; the whole place is full of antiques and old memorabilia. The only modern thing I own is a TV and that’s in the back room, two wooden Jaguars prowling beside it. My home’s small, cosy; it has a front and back room, kitchen, upstairs bathroom and two bedrooms. But the bedrooms are small, barely able to hold a bed and a wardrobe but I manage.

I take another sip of my coffee and lean back, there was only a short period between school finishing and everyone rushing into the library so I enjoyed it while I could... not that I didn’t enjoy talking to the students, most of them were pretty interesting. Although, sometimes, I just wish one of them could change my life. As if someone could take me out of this boring routine.

The End

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