Creators Embrace

I'm not actually sure where this story is going... its just a starter, for anyone to take anywhere they want it to...

Watching in awe as the sun climbed steadily out from behind the snow covered mountains, its long fingers of light painting the cold, dreary world a million shades of gold, I let out a high-pitched squeal. I was so excited for the day, so ready for all that was going to happen, and yet, so nervous of the final event. A million thoughts were screeching around in my mind, like race cars on a circuit. My body was buzzing with energy as I began to jog down the long driveway, the trees on either side of me whisper hello as I bounced past. The day was new and exciting. I stopped at our mailbox and breathed in a deep lungful of fresh, country air. I could smell the cows in the lane way, hear their gentle moos of relief as they headed back to their paddock after the morning milking. I giggled quietly, as the image of cows skipping into their paddocks with joy filled my mind. The mailbox groaned a protest as I opened its metal door and reached my hand inside to grasp the bundle of letters sitting patiently inside. Shutting the mailbox with a bang, I jogged back to the house, slipped my sneakers off at the door and threw the mail onto the table as I passed. It landed with a thump. I stopped where I was and twisted on the balls of my foot. One of the letters on the table was addressed to me, and was lying awkwardly on the table, one end elevated higher than the other. I reached out a hand and pulled it towards me. Weird, the only mail I ever got was bank statements and world vision updates. I sat down on the wooden bench beside the table and ripped the envelope open. Tipping it up over the table top, a letter fluttered out, and a long silver chain, with a heart shaped pendant on the end. I gasped as I recognised the pendant on the end of the chain. It was the one my mother had worn around her neck every day. I reached a trembling hand out towards it, and slowly dragged it across the top of the table until it was right in front of me. I reached for the letter and unfolded it. As the paper flattened out in my hands, I took a deep breath.


The End

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