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The text has a tone to it like the strongest only survives. In reality that's how it is to becuase if you are weak with no knowledge. For example when they were in the grocery store they had to think to get resources. Well the first few chapters the main character wanted the same type of days before the events. Then she faced reality, especially when she saw how much her friends have changed.
The whole meteor hitting the moon clashes with the readers due to the debates over if that could truly happen to the moon.
No, because we haven't had the moon come to earth like it does in the book.
I learned that sometimes in events like in the book people will sometimes change for the best or worst. The only times that my opinions were challenged was when the girl went on and on about god saving her from the events happening.
The books makes me realize that i want to find a love or connection with someone that's so strong that in events like these it wouldn't hurt our bond.
I liked it because it had drama in it so you got to see more of where the characters stand on their opinions and how much they fight for the things they lust for.
I probably make sure I stayed calm and stayed strong to defeat anyone that tried to harm the people i cared for or my resources.

The End

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