Creative Juices

Mr Keller was walking down a street one day when a reckless driver almost swerved into Keller's path and could have knocked him down. Keller, normally a reserved, gentle man exploded. He took a trash can cover and threw it like a frisbee in the direction that the car was heading towards. K-L-AANG!! He wanted to behead the driver with his offcenter throw, but ended up denting the guy's bumper.

Why did Mr. Keller explode when under any circumstance, he was well-known for his calm and relaxed composure?

It all began one sad summer day in 1967. That time Keller still had someone most men would die to have: a wife. She was only two-three years younger than he was but the feeling of mutual attraction was very strong, despite objections from well-meaning friends on both ends of the string. He met Diana (which was her wonderful name) the year before and not long after, proposed and married Diana in a simple but tasteful wedding ceremony.

The End

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