I was reading a story by someone and i decided that i would create a world.

A new world is empty. It is filled with nothingness, and there is no distinction between light and dark, it is one. But there needs to be something to create things, and so there was an atom. but you can't build with only one, so there were more. Now we can make things. Might as well practice though, right?

I grab the nothingness, and rip it apart, creating the light and the dark. I grab a handful of the light and mold it into a ball. A great shining ball, but the only thing it is missing is a mass. So i move the light to he mass of atoms, and dip in the ball of light. Now there is a great mass that continually creates light. As i watch it though, something doesn't seem right. There needs to be... a process. A process that is used to create the light. I focus on the light and touch it, and swirl it around with my finger. The energy becomes fire at my request, and it instantly starts the process that will feed the light for as much time as i desire. 

Nice. I deem that a success, so i had best get started on everything else, right?

The End

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