The girl's patience was running out. She'd come all this way just to help him, but he wasn't giving her a response. She began to tap her foot, making sure it was loud enough to distract the inventor from his thoughts. 

"So, can I help you or not?"

"Definitely not," he remarked, turning back around.

"What?" she asked incredulously. "I walked here, five miles to be exact, just to help you out with your stupid robot and you won't even let me!"

"That's it right there, " he snapped, grabbing a screwdriver. "Nova is not a stupid robot. You don't understand what this project means to me, and you never will understand." he pointed the screwdriver at her. "Why? Because you're a person. You're a person with feelings...and a lot of the time, feelings contradict each other. You forget about people that you once promised you never would. But not Nova. Nova doesn't need feelings that hold her back. She's capable of things that any other human can't. And if she's ever broken, you can always put her back together...that's something you can't quite do with humans."

"But you're human," she muttered, anger dripping off her words. 

"Am I? I don't feel like it," he leaned back in his chair. "Physically I am one, that's for certain...but emotionally? Mentally? I highly doubt that. Emotions aren't really things I care to use or think about. They only result in unnessecary pain that could have been easily avoided."

"I see..." the girl mumbled under her breath.

"Now, if you would kindly leave that would be greatly appreciated," he said flatly. He pointed the screwdriver at the door. "And if you don't come back, I will be forever grateful."

"I can see why you've resulted to creating a friend," she spat before storming out of the room. Maxwell honestly didn't understand why she was so offended, all he was saying was the truth. People ask for the truth, but it seems that they never really want it when they actually get it. Maybe she was hoping for a different kind of truth, a different response. He already knew what that was, but if he'd told her that,  it wouldn't be the truth. 

"See?" Max grumbled to himself, picking the gears back up. "This is why I don't talk to people."

The End

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