Right as he grabbed the toolbox, he heard the heartbreaking sound of something clattering against the ground. The toolbox slipped from out of his grip and spilled all of its contents on the floor. He ran back into the workshop, his heart pounding in his ears. Maxwell nearly tore the door off of its hinges.

He stared at the girl, whose eyes were engulfed in fear. At her feet were the remains of Nova. The girl stepped over all the broken parts carefully, trying to get away from the enraged inventor.

“I-I'm r-real sorry, Max,” she stuttered. Her eyes darting across the room. “I thought I could help you finish...but then, she fell...”

“Get out,” he hissed. The girl's breath caught in her throat, but she managed to whimper. Maxwell walked towards his broken companion. He held two pieces of her face in his hands and he could feel the tears forming in his eyes.

“M-maybe we could fix her?” she said hopefully.

“I told you to get out,” he yelled. The girl didn't move.

“No, it's my fault. There must be something I can do,” she pleaded. Fighting off heartbreak and anger, he put down the face of Nova and winced as he stood up.

“If you want to help,” he said in a hushed tone, “Stay away from me.”

“Alright,” she muttered, hesitantly walking out the door. She stopped to add a final apology and left. Maxwell leaned against the wall, letting himself slowly slide down until he was sitting. He rested his head in his hands. Tear stained eyes stared at what was left of Nova. All that hard work was now wasted. He wasn't even sure if he had the motivation to try to fix her. But what was he thinking anyway? How could he make a companion of his own? Still, itt wasn't like him to give up on projects.

It was going to be a long night.

The End

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