Creating a Friend

The inventor focuses on something that he's put off for too long. He's working on something of great importance, though not many would believe that it was important. In fact, most wouldn't even bother to know what this project was. For those who bothered to ask, very few received answers.

He's creating life, a new and better one. He's not sure how, or when this will all work, but he's determined to finish.

A doll sits, seemingly forgotten and discarded by her owner, Maxwell. Surrounding her are the many inventions that Maxwell created. Those inventions are all for her. The inventor has big plans for this doll, because he never wanted a doll to begin with. He wants a person – a companion. However, the inventor could never keep any of his human companions. No, he was far too busy with his work. As much as he craved for a friend of his own, he was much happier making new things and experimenting with machines. Seeing his machines work created more joy than any meaningless conversation ever could. Still, it was a lonely job.

When the young inventor found this doll, his mind raced with ideas. He would create the perfect companion. Almost immediately, Maxwell bought books about topics ranging from humans to machines. He would sit outside just to study peoples movements and mannerisms. He really didn't mind that people would stare at him. They probably talked about him to, but it wasn't his fault. He wanted to make his companion as realistic as possible. People were just a bother anyway.

After nearly a year of studying and drawing schematics, Maxwell believed he finally had all he needed to make the perfect companion. Now, the doll itself was perfect in the inventor's eyes. Her light hair, her height, her smile was all perfect. All that she was missing was a little bit of life.

His fingers worked quickly as he began tinkering with the gears. He started carving groves into them so that the doll could write and draw. He had placed hinges on her jaw along with a miniscule system of pulleys so that her mouth could move to simulate speaking. To make such intricate designs, he had made a special pair of goggles with lenses similar to those of a microscope so that he could work with these tiny machines. In the midst of his working, he had finally picked a name for the doll. Her name would be Nova. He wasn't sure why he picked that name, but it seemed to fit. He was never one to be good with picking names, though.

The End

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