She's No You

No one’s ever gonna get to me
Oh, the way you do
Now baby can’t you see
That you’re the one… the only one
Who’s ever made me feel this way?

Matt watched Karissa come back with her sister, her and Brandy were total opposites. Brandy was a tall, blonde, blue-eyed girl and skinny as anything he’d ever seen. Karissa is slightly shorter and has dark chocolate colored hair, caramel colored eyes and isn’t as skinny as her sister. She’s curvier. Plus, she smiles like one of the Doublemint Twins.
Oh no you don’t! Matt thought. What part of no more women are you not understanding!?
Karissa smiled at him and his train of thought crashed. “Matt, Jordan, this is my sister Brandy. Brandy, this is Matt and Jordan.”
“Very nice to meet you.” She said, surprising us with a soft British accent.
“The pleasure is all mine.” Jordan said, quietly.
“Hi.” Matt managed lamely.
He glanced at Jordan. Is he…flirting with her?
Matt had never seen Jordan flirt with anyone. Usually it was the other way around.

The End

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