Crazy Floating Pixie Girl

XD the name is mad, I know, but its very funny and its actully gd READ IT! you will find out.

I floated into the clouds like a pixie caught in a shiny transparent bubble, a fashionable, big eyed pixie, that is.

Don't you just adore your life when EVERYTHING falls exactly into place? I'm so giddy right now! people are giving me funny looks as I grin at them as if I'm the joker from Batman...

...MY story begins in England's dark winter of '09, when the shadows cast over noon, the minus's crept lower and swines of mother nature caught us with sinerster influenza.

In the secret garden where me and my best friend met up, chapter one of my story started.

As I think about the secret garden now, I can hear the gentle wisps of branches being brushed by wind, the wind would intwine with the emerald green grass, the red and pink roses that were still standing even in winter, my best friend's short strands of black hair, my own naturally tendrellic hair, those movements, sights and sounds never failed to soothe me.

This was it. This was just the template to my story.

The End

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