Crazies: A Letter to the ReaderMature

This first part is not a story. Lets settle that first. As the title says, its a letter to the reader. Its also kind of a promo for the "coming of age" series currently being written by myself and two friends. Unless you are them, PLEASE resist the urge to jump in and write your own stuff. Let me reiterate: DO NOT ADD ANYTHING. Thank you. = )

To the Reader:

            Hey. I’m Stephen. Have you ever felt like a certain part of your life would make an award winning movie, or best selling book? Yeah? Well, so did we. “We” being Jasper, Sage, and myself. This series is made up of the stories of our high school years. The stories are all meshed together by year- you know, freshman year, sophomore year, etc- and within that is the chronological order of things (well, as close to chronological order as we can remember it). We figured it would make it more interesting to jump back and forth through each other’s stories, rather than set it up so all you get is one person at a time. But don’t worry; we’ll make it easy to follow so you don’t get all confused and such. The point of intersection is the church. We all actually met before high school, but it wasn’t until then that we became such good friends. Our average Sunday consisted of going to the high school service, then Jasper and I would go do some volunteer work in the coffee house our church has, then on our break we’d catch up with Sage and we’d all talk about our week, problems, and lives in general. Jasper always referred to us as being our own little breakfast club… Anyway, I should also let you know that some events have been slightly exaggerated for the benefit of each story, and the names of nouns have been replaced (i.e., my name isn’t really Stephen, and the church’s name isn’t even mentioned). The name changes and everything is so you can’t find us and so the church doesn’t sue us and such. Besides, no offense, I really don’t want you showing up at my place for an autograph. As for the exaggerations, they aren’t that major; so don’t get all crazy on us for telling you our stories with a little spice. Seriously, its not like I’m gonna say something crazy like “So I took my liger to school today and got detention for refusing to clean up his poop.” (i.e. get over it.) If I ever sound like I jerk, I’m most likely doing it in jest, so don’t get offended by that either… Yeah. So, I have nothing else to say but get reading and have a nice day.


- Stephen Croix

The End

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