Things You Might Want To KnowMature

Chapter Twenty-Five

Things you might want to know

*Luke's uncle didn't even notice the difference in the house, for which everyone was immensely thankful.

*When Luke broke up with Chloe, she didn't seem bothered at all. In fact, she told him she'd been about to dump him anyway.

*Dayton came to Sadie's home in Missouri one more time to try to win her back. He left when she broke his nose.

*Leon and Abel were sent to boarding school when one of their pranks went awry and the ranch lost 7 cows.

*Luke and Hayley became friends again, and even dated once more in the last month of his senior year. They seperated before college started.

*In Sadie's sophomore year of college, Laurel fell for the whitest man imaginable. Though he was nice, and enjoyed mexican food very much. They married a year later.

*Sadie never really dated much. When asked why, she only claims, "I don't trust men very much."

*This series is NOT OVER. Crashing Winter, the continuation of Luke and Sadie's story, will be out soon.

*And remember. This entire series is © of DJCurtis. :)

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The End

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