Devastating SurprisesMature

Chapter Nineteen

Sadie's POV

I don't like surprises. I never did.

So when I entered the huge, gleaming kitchen of my house and found Dayton standing there waiting for me, I was definately not pleased.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded, throwing my jacket onto the countertop of the bar.

He stood leaning against the fridge, his handsome face creased with what appeared to be sorrow. Dayton E. Flemming had always been handsome, just like his father and his four older brothers. He was already rich and successful at the mere age of 21. I'd enjoyed being with him-though it was nothing compared to how I enjoyed being with Luke-because Dayton was smart, charming, and simple. The only problem with the relationship had been that I refused to sleep with him.

"I don't like how we ended, Sadie." he said mournfully. He moved toward me and had me in a hug before I had time to blink.

I'd liked him physically too. That was another reason I'd dated him. He was tall, broad shouldered, with well-defined muscles and a bronze skintone. Yes, he looked like one of those classic, stereotypical stuck-up rich folk that spent too much time, money and effort on a high-dollar training program. That didn't make him any less attractive.

He pulled back to peer down at me with those pretty blue eyes. His pale-blonde hair was carefully slicked back from his face. He was so far different from Luke that it almost startled me.

"I want to get back together."

I blinked. Why would he want to get back together? And then it occured to me. He'd told me weeks ago that his father's law firm was losing money. Why did he want to get back with me? Because he needed a backup plan for fast cash. It didn't help that my own father loved him.

"I'm seeing someone." I said coldly.

He got that condenscending look in his eyes, the one adults get when they think they know better than you do. I gritted my teeth. I hated those looks. "You're referring to the poor farm boy?" His tone was sardonic.

"He is not a poor farm boy! He lives in the city."

"Either way, he's just a boy, Sadie. I'm a man." He took my hand, placed it at the fork between his legs. "All man." He grinned.

I yanked my hand away and took a step back, glaring at him. Never date a rich guy. They're all ridiculously immature, and their ego is bigger than the entire asian population. "Get out."

"No, Sadie. I love you."

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Anyone could've heard how flat and unbelievable those words were. "Get out of my house, now."

He moved toward me again, his hands reaching beseechingly. "Please. We can work this out."

"You cheated on me, didn't you?" I scoffed when he froze, his eyes widening. "How surprising. You can't keep it in your pants for even one week apart."

His expression darkened. "Now, I tried-"

I waved his excuses away. "You tried to be faithful, you tried to be loving, but I was never there to satisfy you, blah blah blah. Shove it up your ass, and get the hell out of my house."

"I'm not leaving until-"

"You are." I said forcefully, my eyes flashing dangerously. "Now, before I sic the dogs on you. Get out." I advanced and he began to finally gravitate toward the door.

"I just-"

"GET OUT!" I yelled, and slammed the door behind him, nearly hitting his fat head with it.

Furious, I spun on my heel and stomped straight up the stairs and into a steaming hot shower.

Half an hour later, I felt better. Showers always relaxed me. I went to get my hairbrush from my purse when I realized I'd left it at Luke's. I went downstairs, completely naked, to get my phone to call him, and nearly had a heart attack when someone jumped from the shadows and wrapped his arms around me.

"You don't have dogs. Please give us a chance, Sadie. I'm worth it."

Before I could find breath to scream with, Dalton's mouth was covering mine. Desperate to get away from him, I plunged my hands into his hair and yanked, attempting to push him back, but he was a 21 year old adult male and I was just a 17 year old girl. For all the good it did, he thought I was just responding to him. Furious, I opened my mouth and, quite simply, bit down into his lower lip as hard as I could.

He stumbled back from me, half crying out. I quickly backtracked, shaking the towel off my head and wrapping it around my body as best I could before I flipped on the lightswitch. Dayton stood there, a hand to his bleeding lip, looking at me in disbelief.

Without a word, he turned and fled my house.

I stood there, my chest heaving. Water dripped off of me onto the kitchen tile. Suddenly I was overcome with the urge to go to Luke. He would make me feel better. He always did. I swiftly dressed in ratty old sweats and left the house.

The End

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