The Poison Sets InMature

Chapter Eighteen

Luke's POV

It was really weird working alongside both Sadie and Chloe. Sadie was uncharacteristically quiet, while Chloe was a chatterbox. She kept me occupied throughout most of the day, but I couldn't help worrying about Sadie. She seemed so upset and I didn't understand why.

All the guys were practically drooling over Chloe. Tommy, Danny, Cooper, Owen, even Matt, were following us, their eyes eager on Chloe as she strutted around. She didn't work much, but she definately kept us entertained. I liked her. She was witty and charming. I just didn't understand what Sadie's problem was.

That night, Sadie came over rather than I going to her house, where all her relatives were. She started to act more like herself as we watched the first Indiana Jones movie together.

"So are you not going to tell me what's been wrong with you?" I finally asked.

Sadie, who was curled up on the recliner beside me, acquired a crease between her brows. "You won't believe me. No one ever believes me."

I took her hand, intertwined our fingers. "Try me."

Her cheeks puffed as she blew out a breath. "Okay." She sat up straighter, her eyes grave on mine. "Chloe is evil." she said simply.

"Aren't all older siblings?" I said in amusement.

"No, I mean literally evil. Okay look, I'll start at the top. Seventh grade." She held out a finger as though ticking it off. "I was dating Bobby Vance, and Chloe got jealous, even though she was in eighth grade and could date anyone she wanted. So then I found out Bobby dumped me-I found out from six of my friends who had caught Chloe kissing Bobby beside the swingsets during recess." She held out a second finger. "Ninth grade. Chloe had been dating Jay Mclaren for three months. Then I started dating Dylan Black, and Chloe dumped Jay, then I caught her and Dylan cannoodling a week later in my bedroom."

I lifted my brows. "They were having-"

"No! Cannoodling is a word Laurel made up for like, touching and stuff. Anyway that's not the point!" Sadie said impatiently. She held out a third finger. "Tenth grade, I was talking to Austin Poole. Next thing I know, he's dating Chloe." She held out two more fingers. "Same scenarios once more in tenth grade and then again in eleventh. The only guy I've ever dated that she never touched was Dayton. And judging on how I dumped him three weeks ago, I wouldn't be surprised if she was screwing around with him now."

I mulled all this over in my head. I know this will sound bad, but...well, it was hard to believe Sadie. She had a tendency to exaggerate, and Chloe seemed nice. I couldn't see her deliberatly sabotaging all of Sadie's relationships. So for the first time ever, I lied to Sadie. "She sounds like a bitch."

Sadie nodded vigerously, seeming satisfied that I'd agreed with her. "She is." She relaxed and smiled a little at me. "You're the first person to believe me, Luke. Thank you."

And then she was atop me, kissing me with a vengeance, and I felt like a complete and total jerk. Until she continued on enthusiastically, and I forgot that I was a jerk and only knew that I had a beautiful girl I liked very much on top of me.

"Hey...wait." I felt disoriented. Her fingers were curled in on my jean belt loops, tugging slightly. I quickly pulled back her hands and sat up. "Sadie, I didn't bring anything with me."

She sat back abruptly, blowing her bangs out of her eyes. "Luke." she said in an aggravated tone.

"Don't you have some here?" I asked, puzzled slightly.

She dragged a hand through her hair, an uncertain expression flickering across her face. "That reminds me...I have to tell you something."


She gave me a tiny smile, her teeth in her bottom lip. "I'm kind of...a virgin."

I laughed, which probably wasn't smart. She glared at me and I immediatly sobered. "But...what? I thought..."

"I know. Everyone thinks that. But I really am, I swear."

I was stunned. Sadie was rich, gorgeous, smart, and funny. You had to be an idiot to assume she was a virgin. Yet she was...

"Why?" I managed to ask.

"When I was eight, I spent the night at Laurel's house and we walked in on her parents. When my mom gave me the sex talk, she made me promise that I would wait for the right guy. As she died the next year..." Sadie shrugged. "I made sure to keep the promise."

Oh God, I was seriously considering taking Sadie's innocence. I wanted to punch myself.

"What about you?" she prompted.

"What about me?"

"How many have you had?" She smiled at my expression. "I can tell by the way you kiss me that you're not a virgin, Luke."

I sighed, casting my eyes to the ceiling. "Just one. Hayley."

She nodded. "I figured. You really liked her, huh?"

"Yeah." Thinking about her brought back the familiar dregs of pain that hurt my stomach. New subject. "So we aren't having sex. I'm not doing it," I spoke over her immediate protests. "You're keeping your promise and waiting for the right one."

She angled her head, studying me. "What if you're the right one?"

I gave her a small smile as I reached over, poked her in the nose. "We've only been dating for a week, Sadie."

She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, her cellphone ring (some K$sha song) interrupted her. She answered it, and from what she said, I gathered that her family wanted her back home to visit.

"Alright, I've got to go." she said, slipping her phone back into her pocket. She leaned into me, pressed her lips to mine for what must have been intended as a chaste kiss but instead turned into her sinking into me, her hands tangling themselves in my hair. I slid my own hands down the length of her back, over her curves and up again, before she broke away. I walked her to her car and felt a little disappointed as she drove away. It worried me how much I enjoyed being with her. It was like Hayley all over again.

Not like Hayley, I scolded myself. Sadie would never hurt me like Hayley did.

I went back to the living room and watched the movie for another forty minutes before I noticed that Sadie had forgotten her Coach purse. I couldn't just leave it there, could I? Making my mind up quickly, I grabbed it and my car keys and headed out the door.

I wish I'd never left.

The End

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