First DateMature

Chapter Sixteen

Luke's POV

I observed myself in the bathroom mirror after glancing at the clock to make sure it wasn't yet five thirty. Nerves were dancing in my belly. I was going on my first date with Sadie tonight. While half of me was jumping for joy, the other half was screaming doubts at me. Was this a bad idea?

No, no, I reassured myself. After all, I had definately thought this through. For the past two weeks I'd been wrestling around on the decision as to whether or not I should ask Sadie out. She couldn't have given me a more perfect opportunity to do so. And now I was about to go on a date with her, I thought gleefully.

I arrived at her mansion/house right on time clutching her favorite flowers-gardenias. She opened the door almost immediatly after I'd rang the doorbell, and I took a sharp intake of breath when I saw her. She wore a white sundress, and her hair hung down her back in a golden, sunlit cascade. She looked better than amazing.

"Hi," I said brilliantly, holding out the flowers.

"Hi yourself," she said, and surprised me by kissing my cheek before taking the flowers and waving them before her nose for a sniff. "I'll put these in a vase real fast."

She darted in and out within ten seconds. She smiled, took my hand, after she closed and locked the door behind her. "So where are we off to?"

"Your favorite resteraunt." I opened the door to my truck for her, closing it after she gracefully slid in.

"Tokyo Garden?" she said excitedly once I'd gotten in.

I grinned as I started the car. This was going to be a good night.

Sadie chatted animatedly throughout the drive to the resteraunt. An hour later we were laughing as I tried to force feed her shrimp.

"Come on, try it. It's good!"

"No no no no no!" she laughed, shaking her head and pushing away my hand that held the forkful of shrimp. "It's nasty. And now you can't kiss me goodnight because you'll taste like it."

My eyes widened theatrically and she laughed harder when I tossed the shrimp away back onto my plate.

All in all, it was an amazing first date. We held hands everywhere we went, and snuggled together in the movie theater. Afterward we went out for ice cream. And then, all too soon, I was pulling into her driveway and walking her to the door.

We walked slowly, but it still seemed like we reached her door quickly. We faced each other. My palms felt sweaty, which was weird because it wasn't like it was our first kiss.

"Thanks for everything. I had fun." Sadie said softly. Her full lips were curved upward at the corners.

"So did I. Are you sure you don't want me to kiss you goodnight?" As she rolled her eyes and pulled me close to her, I went on, "I mean I know you don't like shrimp..."

"Smart-ass," she muttered before touching her smile to mine.

Unlike our previous fast-and-furious kissing, this was slow and sweet. The sink-into-each-other kind, where you just seemed to melt together. Though it was gentle, I still had her back against the door by the end of it, and she was still breathless as she gazed up at me with glazed jade eyes.

"How many goodnight kisses does one date entail?" she said in a husky voice that made me want to wrap my arms around her.

"One more," I said, and kissed her again.

A minute later we surfaced, and I took a reluctant step back out of her embrace. "Goodnight, Sadie."

"Goodnight, Luke." she murmured. She smiled at me once more before unlocking her door and stepping out of view.

I resisted the urge to jump up and yell like a giddy teenager as I walked back to my truck. My heart swelled as I drove home. I don't know what was going on, but whatever it was, I seemed to be falling head over heels for Sadie.

Too bad that would turn out to be a unfortunate thing.


Sadie's POV

After our first date, Luke and I became inseperable. At first we tried to keep our relationship in the shadows a bit so we could avoid jokes from Tommy and Danny, but after they caught us kissing behind the barn it became impossible. Which was better, actually, because now we could hold hands and be affectionate anywhere anytime. Except around Matt, who did not seem to like it one bit, though he never actually said anything about it.

Right now, Luke and I were currently walking toward the horse stables hand-in-hand. The horses made me kind of nervous, but Luke was sweet as he helped me groom them.

"I think he likes me," I said with a nervous giggle as I moved the brush down the palimino stag's side.

"I like you." Luke smiled, brushing his lips across mine. "Are we going out tonight?"

"I was thinking you just come over, we put a movie in, and not watch it at all." I smiled when he arched a brow in intrigue.

"I'm game. But we're staying out of the bedrooms."

I rolled my eyes. Ever since our second date-approximately one week ago-when I'd invited him in and then asked him if he wanted to go upstairs(just to kiss, too!) he'd insisted that we don't because he didn't want to do anything 'rash'. Whatever. It wasn't as if I wanted to have sex with him, because I didn't. I mean I did, but I wasn't ready for that yet. Which reminds me, I still need to tell him an important piece of information later tonight...

"You do know that you can do the same things you do in a bed anywhere else too, right?" I said as I moved to brush the horse's flank.

"Yes," he said, moving with me. "But it's more tempting when you're near a bed."

I rolled my eyes again. He grinned. "I'll be there at eight then."

At seven fifty-five, Luke arrived. I already had the bowl of popcorn set out on the table.

"Hey," he said, kissing my cheek. He always did that, even if we'd seen each other only an hour ago.

"Hola," I said, taking his hand and leading him to the couch. I put the movie (his favorite, Transformers) and then went to make us glasses of water while the commercials were on. When I reentered I turned off the lights, put our glasses on the table, and snuggled into him, draping a black wool blanket around us.

"Megan Fox is hot in this movie," I commented.

He tightened his arms around me. "You're prettier."

I smiled in amusement. "Megan Fox isn't pretty. She's just hot."

"What do you mean?" he inquired.

"Megan Fox isn't beautiful, she's hot. Angelina Jolie isn't beautiful, she's hot. Catherine Zeta Jones is beautiful. Kate Beckinsale is beautiful."

"But Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Beckinsale can be hot too."

"That's what makes them better than Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie."

"Huh." Luke said thoughtfully. "That makes sense." He smiled down at me in the darkness. "You're better than Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie."

I shook my head, pleased despite myself.

We watched the movie to the point where Shia Lebouf was standing on top of trashcans while scary dogs were trying to eat him before I tugged on Luke's shirt to bring his face down to mine.

I think I'm addicted to kissing Luke. Like I'm not even kidding. He tasted indescribibly amazing, and I felt amazing everytime we kissed, and I just never wanted to stop. Ever.

Luke gently urged forward, driving me to my back on the couch. My head rested comfortably on the armchair. The blanket twisted itself around my legs as I hooked them around Luke's waist. He kissed my neck, and I sighed, and then we were interrupted my the doorbell.

Luke drew back from me and I sat up, frowning. "Who could that be?" I wondered aloud.

Luke echoed my frown. "I'll come with you." he said, and wrapped a protective arm around my waist as we walked to the door.

My mouth fell open in utter surprise when I opened the door to find my Aunt Dixie and cousins Bridget and baby Stephanie standing before the door.

I was just about to throw my arms around them when I noticed the tall, model-like figure standing a little ways behind them. I stopped in my tracks, my heart thundering.

I watched in horror as the figure stepped forward, throwing back her luxorious golden locks and sending me a blindingly beautiful smile. Her sapphire eyes sly and caculating on mine, my elder sister Chloe said, "Hello, Sadie."

The End

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