Sadie Gone OverboardMature

Chapter Twelve

Sadie's POV

You had to love saturday mornings.

I yawned as I shuffled down the pristine, waxed hallway of my favorite of my two Arkansas houses. I almost giggled as I passed by the huge mirror. I wore black lace lingerie-the kind that would've given Dayton a heartattack, if he'd been here. And then I wore fuzzy pink knee-high socks. An odd combination, but hey, I liked it.

The house was silent as I ambled into the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of FruitLoops. After sprinkling sugar onto them, I sat down on the lavish couch in the living room and began to eat as I watched the season 1 finale of Glee for the thousandth time. My mood brightened even more when Rachel began to sing. I loved Glee even more than saturday mornings.

I had really needed a break from all that dreary ranch work. Or more specifically, a break from Luke. He was driving me up the wall-literally. I'd about killed Leon and Abel yesterday when they'd hit me with water balloons. I had a plan in effect to get revenge on them. But what was I supposed to do with Luke? Normally, I would put on a bikini and go seduce then humiliate him. I couldn't do that with Luke because I was also undeniably attracted to him.

Why was that? I wondered. There really wasn't anything extraordinary about him. I'd kissed guys who were way better looking than him. Yet the kisses weren't even half as good... Could it be that Luke was an excellent kisser? Because he was. But that didn't seem to be it.. Maybe it was because we'd been arguing, and it had been so spontaneous...

Fifteen minutes later, after I'd relayed all of those thoughts to my best friend Laurel, she said, "Or maybe it was because you knew you shouldn't be doing it."

I held the phone between my ear and shoulder as I scavenged the fridge for blackberries. "I don't know. It can't be just that." I popped a berry into my mouth as I wandered up to my bedroom.

"Oh, oh! I know! You should find out."

"Well, yeah, that's what I'm trying to do right now. That's why I called you."

"No, no, listen! Kiss him again. See if it is the same."

I was speechless for numerous seconds. "Are you crazy?" I demanded.

"Sadie!" Laurel said exasperatly. "What's the problem? It's just a kiss."

"It was not just a kiss, Laurel." I hissed. "It was a freaking explosion."

"Oh, I see. You are frightened that he will reject you."

My jaw dropped. "What!? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of!"

"Prove it then," Laurel said. "Have him kiss you. Invite him over tonight. But he has to kiss you."

"Fine." I said harshly. "I'll update you later."

"Alright." Laurel's voice sparkled with merriment. "Adios."

I hung up the phone and glared around my room. Luke Jacobs, I thought as I strided to my closet, Prepare to be crushed.


Luke's POV

Getting a random phone call from Sadie was not only weird, but creepy. I was still feeling out-of-body as I drove down the dark deserted road toward Sadie's house. She'd called an hour earlier and asked me for help fixing her door which had apparantly broken off its hinges. She was filthy rich; why hadn't she just called in a professional?

I felt a little awkward parking my beat up Chevy truck in her higher-league driveway. Nevertheless, I got out of the vehicle, shoved my hands into my jacket pockets, and walked to her door. When I knocked, I was answered with a, "Come on in!" When I entered, Sadie's voice was distant. She was probably upstairs. "Luke, is that you?"

I peered around her dimly lit house. It was always so quiet here. "Yeah, I'm here...where's the door?" I called.

She came gliding down the stairs that led to the bedrooms wearing a sleek, red satin robe. I swallowed, hard.

"Hi," she said, smiling at me. Her hair was loose and wonderfully wavy down her back. Unable to stop myself, I shifted my gaze from her head to her toes. Her feet were bare, her nails painted a deep indigo. I don't know why, but seeing her bare-footed turned me on. What the hell. "I'm just about to eat dinner, so the door's going to have to wait. Are you hungry?"

Am I hungry? Uh... "Sure." Confused and uncomfortably hot, I followed her into the kitchen. I watched as she bent down to check on the what seemed to be a ham, peering into the oven and coughing when smoke rose in cloudy columns that engulfed her. I was at her side at once, nudging her aside and wafting away the smoke before pulling the ham out with the flowered oven mitt that sat on on counter. "Jesus, Sadie, you burnt it to a crisp."

She impatiently waved her hand at me, moving to take my place and prod at the ham with the tines of a fork. "Well damn." She gazed at the burnt ham, seeming forlorn. "I didn't mean to."

I wrinkled my nose as the smell of burnt meat overwhelmed. "I can't believe you wasted a perfectly good ham."

She turned her eyes onto me, reproachful. "I suppose I'm just going to have waffles for dinner then. You want some?"

The collar of her robe was open just a little too wide, and I could see down it. Did I want some? Hell yes. Carefully, I stared at the ham. "No thanks."

She sighed as she moved around the kitchen, fixing herself some waffles. Finally, we both sat on the bar-yes she had a bar in the middle of her kitchen-and I was silent as I watched Sadie cut her waffle up. When she opened her mouth for a bite, I saw the tip of her pink tongue and felt my skin heat up another few degrees. I went back to staring at the ham.

"Mmm." She smiled at me again. What was up with all her smiling? "I love waffles. They're my favorite food."

I grunted noncommittedly.

"What's yours?" she prodded.

"My what?"

"Your favorite food." She seemed amused as she took another bite of waffle.

"Oh. Um, I'm more of a steak and shrimp kind of guy."

She made an expression of distaste. "Shrimp. Ew."

"How can you not like shrimp?" I demanded. "They're amazing. All buttery and juicy..." I trailed off when I realized I was staring at the butter that clung to her full lower lip. Once more, I fixed my gaze onto the burnt ham.

A couple minutes of silence passed as Sadie finished her waffles and then rinsed the plate off in the sink. She headed toward the stairs leading to the bedrooms. "Come on. Door's up here."

I was reluctant as I followed her. The stairs creaked a little under my feet. Guess the house was older than it looked. I looked up and found that I was eye-level with her ass. To distract myself, I said casually, "So, uh, how did this happen?"

She halted in her tracks, spinning around to face me with wide eyes. "How did what happen?"

I blinked at her abnormality. "Uh...the door? How did it break?"

She relaxed, turnng to resume her walk. "Oh. Ah, I don't know, it just fell apart when I opened it this morning."

I lifted my eyebrows as I saw the door, barely hanging on with just one hinge. Sadie watched expectantly as I bent down to observe it. "Well, it looks like someone loosened it with a wrench or something-"

"But who would do that?" As her voice was right next to my ear, I turned my head to see her face, bright and smiling, less than an inch away from mine.

"No idea," I said quickly, rising to my feet. Sadie's brows drew down. "Do you have a wrench or toolbox anywhere?"

"Uh huh. Here." I waited as she retrieved a wrench from a drawer in the nightstand beside her bed. She had a wrench? My eyes narrowed. Hm. "There ya go."

My mind was whirring as I tightened the door back onto the hinges. She was being really nice, and I was here alone with her after she'd tried to cook ham...Just what was she up to?

Five minutes later, the door was all fixed up. I stepped back into her bedroom, opened and closed it a few times to test it. Sturdy as a rock. "It's done." I turned back to have my jaw just about drop to the floor.

Sadie was dusting the velvet curtain obscuring her window...wearing a bikini. A shimmering blue string bikini. What. The. Hell.

I stammered, and she turned back with the smallest of smiles on her face. Holy crap, the girl had a body!

"Oh, this?" Sadie gestured at her half-bare torso. "I was swimming in the indoor pool earlier. Do you like it?" She gave me a little twirl. I felt all the blood in my body rush to a certain place. "It's Italian thread. The best kind, supposedly, because it's so smooth." She stepped forward, took my hand and placed it over the side string on her left hip. She tilted her head, her dark eyes twinkling with mischief and something else as she watched me. "Feel it?"

"Smooth," I managed to agree before stumbling back. The edge of her bed hit the back of my knees, causing me to sit down abruptly. Frozen, I looked up to see Sadie studying me with frustration evident in her eyes. Oh God, I was so confused. My head hurt.

The End

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