Meeting Sadie's FriendsMature

Chapter Six

I slid into the passenger seat of Sadie's dented car reluctantly. I really didn't want to spend the day with Miss. Priss. But there was nothing I could do.

She cranked the radio to an ear-splitting volumne. I cringed as Your Love is My Drug pounded in my head, sending my temples into a dull ache. We drove like that for awhile, until finally I couldn't take it anymore. I shut off the radio.

To my surprise, Sadie didn't hiss at me. Instead, she shut off the engine. I looked around in surprise. We were parked in the drive of a huge house that could pass as a mansion. "Where are we?"

She paused in her gathering of her purse, cellphone, and keys. She slid her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose so that her emerald eyes peered at me over the rim. "This is the part where I drive out to the spooky deserted woods, kill you, and bury you where no one will find you."

I arched a brow. "We aren't parked near any spooky deserted woods."

She gave a huff of her breath and gestured at her body with a wave of her perfectly manicured hands. "Do you really think I'm going to go shopping looking like this?"

I frowned, looking her up and down. Maybe not the smartest idea, as she wore a damp white shirt and I could see the lacy red bra she wore underneath it. I cleared my throat. "Oh."

"Yeah, 'oh'. So I am going to go take a shower and get ready. You..." One side of her nose wrinkled. "Sit in the parlor or something, I don't know. Just don't bother me."

I slipped my hands into my pockets as I followed her up the strenously well-kept lawn into the incredibly spotless mansion/house. She pointed him to the parlor room and then left up the sparkling-white spiral staircase.

Well great. Now what?

Uncomfortable, I strolled around the parlor observing the pictures decorating the walls. Not surprisingly, they were all pictures of her. There was one of her as a child, and it caught my interest. Her hair had been blonder when she was younger. It exploded from her head in a white-blonde, frizzy poof. She must've been about three or four. She wore a Minnie Mouse dress, and gave the camera a toothy smile as she leaned against the shiny red tricycle beside her. That was probably the only time she'd ever been sweet. I wonder when it was that she'd started to change into the evil domnatrix of destruction that she was now. Curious, I moved on to the next picture. She was probably eight or nine in this one. Her hair had darkened considerably, now more gold than platinum. It hung to her back in mad curls. She appeared to be laughing as she clutched the hand of the girl standing just a tad taller beside her. The girl was probably the same age. She had raven-black hair braided into a long tail and beautiful, dusky skin. She was looking at Sadie in affection. Hm. Sadie looked sweet in that one, too. I observed the next picture. Now this seemed more like Sadie. She was probably eleven or twelve in this one, and her hair had been hacked off to above shoulder length. She was literally glaring at the camera. Her arms were gripped from behind by a tall, slender woman who wore a tight gray dress and one of those fancy sun-hats. She looked like she'd be the barbie you loved to hate in a movie.

I blew out a breath as I turned and eyed the couch. It was a clean white, so clean it could be brand-new. I went over to it and plopped down.

I don't know when, but eventually I slipped into a doze. I jolted awake when fingers snapped together right in front of my nose. Disoriented, I sat up, blinked at Sadie. She looked...why did she look so great? She wore a bright yellow sundress, and her hair was loose and curly, tumbling down her back and over her shoulders. Her sunglasses were gone, so when I met her gaze, her beauty took my breath away.

"I didn't say you could take a nap." She sounded faintly amused, though.

"I didn't mean to." I frowned at her as I dragged a hand through my hair. "Why are you wearing that?"

She smoothed the bottom of the dress with the palm of her hand. "Change of plans. Come on."

I followed her out of the house, still frowning. "Change of-what? We have to go to those stores and get the supplies. Matt will kill us if we don't."

"We will," she said exasperatly, closing the door behind me and locking it with the ornate silver key she withdrew from her purse. "We just have to make a couple stops along the way."

I didn't like the sound of that. I glared at her as I settled into the passenger seat of her car. "If we take too long, Matt will-"

"'Matt-shmatt." Sadie held down the brake so she could send a glare back at me. "Is Matt the boss of you?" Before I could finish saying yes, she added, "Are you scared of him?"

"You don't know about some of the things he's done." I said darkly.

She shook her head as she resumed driving. "Look, to tell you the truth, I don't give a damn. I'm going to make these stops. And I'll take my time if I want to. It's my money anyway."

I bit my tongue and looked out the window as the countryside as it rolled past. "Where are the stops?" I finally asked, my voice tightly controlled.

"You'll see." She rolled down her window, and I caught a whiff of some type of incredible perfume as it wafted my way. Well, that's not surprising. She could probably afford the best type of perfume there is.

We spent the drive in irritated silence. She pulled into the drive of another fancy looking house/mansion, and I felt blood rush to my head when two girls came bursting out of the front door wearing nothing but bikinis.

The first had straight as a board white-blonde hair, and her body was bordering on the very skinny side. She had a pretty smile though. The other girl was beautiful in an exotic way. She was obviously of hispanic descent, and I'm also fairly sure that she was the girl from the picture I'd looked at in Sadie's(well I think its Sadie's) house. Her black hair fell to her shoulder-blades in a thick, glossy sheet.

Neither of them spared me a glance as they buffetted Sadie with hugs once she got out of the car.

"Sadie! We haven't seen you in days." the blonde friend said in a dramatic tone.

"I know, I know." Sadie laughed, kissing the blonde's cheek. "I've been busy."

The mexican girl gave Sadie a blinding-white smile. "Busy with life at the farm, chica? " Her voice was rich and lightly accented.

"Hey Sadie, who's the man-candy in your car?" The blonde friend bent, her head poking in through the driver's side window to give me an alluring smile. I nervously returned one.

"Oh." Sadie rolled her eyes, mimicking her friend's movement, only instead of giving me a smile, giving me a jerk of her thumb. "Get out already."

I inwardly grumbled as I climbed out of the car. I was vaguely nervous. All three of these girls were extremely hot, and probably extremely rich, too. Sadie seemed annoyed with me, as usual, and sounded impatient as she said, "Ladies, this is Luke Jacobs, my apparant babysitter. Luke, these are my friends Whitney," The blonde lifted an elegant hand in greeting, smiling, "And Laurel." The spanish one nodded at me.

"So, Sadie." Whitney's blue eyes sparkled in merriment and mischief as she looked from me to Sadie. "Is he available?"

The End

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