Crashing SummerMature

Luke Jacobs, 17, goes to his uncle's ranch every summer to keep watch over the house while his uncle goes on his annual business trip. All is going perfectly fine, as usual, until a car comes barrelling down the road...and straight into the house! From it emerges the form of gorgeous rich girl Sadie Charlington! Trouble must be in store for these two...

Chapter One


Everything around me was peaceful, quiet. Calm. The leaves were falling from the trees. The sky was a clear, cloudless blue. There was a light breeze that seemed to carress whatever it blew upon.

My name is Luke Jacobs. I guess you could call me somewhat of boy. But I'm not a hick. I just chill out here for the summer. I actually live in the city, back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But every summer I come down to my Uncle Mike's ranch up here in Chimes, Arkansas and keep watch over it while he goes on some business trip. I don't have to do much, because all of my cousins live on the ranch too, and they're the ones that take care of the animals and the land. All I have to do is basically make sure no one messes with my uncle's house. I mean, I help out around the place too, but mainly I just relax. It was always really relaxing out here, in the middle of nowhere. Especially today. I'd been sitting out on this porch all day, like usual. And happened.

You see, for the better part of an hour, I had been comfortably resting on the porch swing, watching the rare cars that actually appeared speed by on the road in front of the house. There was a car to my left that was driving along, when suddenly, out of nowhere, another car came hurtling along from my the wrong lane. It was already weird, because out here you never saw very many cars in the mountains..I watched, horrified, as the cars headed straight for one another. The one on the right veered off in a desperate attempt not to ram the other car; veered off into another direction that was headed, ironically...straight for the house.

I lunged off the porch just in time. The cherry-red contour smashed right through the house. It destroyed the porch swing-the beautifully simple white one my uncle had bought for my aunt when she had still been alive-and then sat there, practically gloating, the front half of it in the living room and the bottom half protruding out of the gaping hole it'd created in the front of the house.

I didn't have time to stand there shocked. I immediately sprinted into the house, stumbling over all the broken brick, glass, and other articles that had been scattered out of their original places.

"Someone freaking help me!"

It was obviously a female voice, and raised high in pitch due to stress. I forced my way to the front of the car just as the driver's door creaked open. I saw a long, gleaming leg extend. Black boots-the fancy kind-went up to the shin of that leg.


I increased my pace at the sound of her stressed voice, consequently tripping and falling flat on my face right in front of that leg. Groaning, I looked up to see a golden head peek out from the window. "Are you going to just lay there all day? Help me out!"

Biting back the retort I wanted to utter, I got to my feet and wrenched open her door. I was so angry that I didn't even notice how nice the other leg was as it moved by the first. No sir, I didn't even notice the soft curves on her slender body as she started to get out. Then she paused, tilted her head up and back to get a good look at me. I couldn't blame her. I was getting a good look at her.

"Help me out."

Getting harder not to yell at her. Swallowing hard, I took her hand in mine, pausing for half a second to marvel at how soft her skin was. I don't know whether it was because she took such good care of herself, or because my hand was just so rough and callused from working. Either way, her hand felt unbelievably fragile in mine.

I helped her out of the car, gripping her shoulders when she swayed, unsteady on the rubble. Her pink cheeks puffed out in a breath as she glanced around my uncle's ruined house. She turned and bent, her torso disappearing into her car for a moment. I carefully avoided observing her ass. Then she straightened, a wallet in her hands. She rummaged through it until she had both a checkbook and a pen ready. She looked at me expectantly. I looked back at my reflection in the huge sunglasses she had obscuring half of her face."Well?" She gestured with the pen. "How much do I owe you?"

I stared. Was she serious? She thought she could just buy her way out of this? "You don't have enough money. You can't have enough money."

One corner of the girl's full, glossy lips tilted up. She lifted the wallet. "You see this? It's Coach. I have a dozen more at home. I have enough money. Trust me."

I shook my head, my brown hair flopping over my forehead. "No, I mean you literally don't have enough money, because this was worth more than money. My uncle built this house with his wife, my aunt, who died ten years ago." As I spoke, a very unpleasant feeling applied pressure on my gut. Oh God, my uncle was going to kill me.
White, even teeth sank into the plump pout of her glossy lower lip. "Well...I don't know what to do then. What am I supposed to-"
"LUKE! " My oldest cousin Matt cut across the girl with his deep, angry voice. Cringing, I looked over to see him standing in the hole in the front of the house. A pitchfork was at his feet, which he had obviously just dropped. His face had gone ruddy. "What the hell is this? What the hell happened? Who the hell is she?"
The girl winced a little when Matt pointed at her. But she lifted her head sigh, straightened her shoulders and said in a clear, cool voice, "My name is Sadie Charlington. My father owns the oil rig a few miles away from here."
Matt's crystal-blue eyes widened. "Your dad is Jack Charlington?"
She nodded, her long spirals of golden hair bouncing. "Yes. So, as I was telling..." When she arched a brow at me, I scowled and mumbled "Luke Jacobs." She went on, "As I was telling Luke here, I can definately pay for all this."
Matt took in a deep breath. I watched his broad chest expand, nerves fluttering in my stomach. Matt was trying to rein in his anger. He'd always had temper problems. When he bent down, retrieved his pitchfork, I absently wondered if he would run over here and stab this Sadie girl right though the head. "Money can't pay for this. My uncle built this place with his own hands. Do you know how devastated he's going to be?" Matt's nostrils flared and the muscles in his jaw flexed as he gritted his teeth. He was beginning to lose his temper. Crap. "You better hope your daddy has more oil coming, because he's going to need a lot more money when my uncle's through with you."
Sadie stiffened. I couldn't see her eyes, but I could imagine them widening. They were probably blue. Stuck-up rich blonde girls usually had the stereotypical blue eyes. "You can't bring my dad into this." she said, and for the first time, a little fear snuck into her voice. "He'll kill me."
Matt's hands tightened on the pitchfork. He turned, started to walk away.
"Wait!" Sadie started after him, slipping in the rubble. "There has to be something else I can do!" she said desperately.
"There's nothing." I said harshly. Her dad could kill her all he wanted. It still wouldn't compare to what my uncle was going to do to me.
"Hang on." Matt said suddenly. Slowly, he turned back to face Sadie. His eyes were wide and glinting with that look he got whenever he came up with a new idea. His eyes darted along the ground as he mulled it over in his head. I narrowed my own eyes. What was he up to? "Maybe..." He lifted his gaze, truimph on his face. "Alright here's what's gonna happen. You are going to work here."
Sadie look stunned. "What?"
Matt gave a vicious nod of his head. "You heard me. You're gonna work here, until you've paid off your debt."
"But-but I don't work-"
"You're going to work here, " Matt said in a dangerous tone that made Sadie shut up immediatly. "Unless you want daddy sued for all he's worth."
Sadie was silent, except for the short little breaths she was taking. Finally, she whispered, "How do I pay off my debt?"
"You're going to rebuild that house. It's going to look exactly like it did before you destroyed it. And you're also going to help around the farm. We've been needing another hand." Matt walked forward until he was so close to Sadie that she had to take a step back in order to keep her eyes on his. "Be here, tomorrow. Four sharp."
"In the morning?" she squeaked.
"In the morning."
Sadie was motionless as Matt walked away. I resisted the urge to chuckle. Instead, I walked over to her car, turned the key and started the engine.

"What are you doing?" Sadie snapped, marching over to my side.

"I suggest you get in the passenger side. I'm backing this out."

She thundered over to the other side of the car, slammed the door as she slipped in. When I shut my side, she said, "I could've done it myself you know."

I twisted in the comfortable seat, looking out the back while I reversed the car. "I know. But I don't really trust your driving skills, if you haven't noticed.

Sadie flushed. "It was an accident."

"Whatever." Once the car was back on the deserted road, I opened the door and slipped out. "You should be lucky the other driver didn't stick around. He could've sued your ass, when my cousin wouldn't."

"Or maybe he's just as much a coward as your cousin is." Then Sadie lifted a hand to her face, drew off her sunglasses, and all at once, I lost any words I wanted to say. Her eyes weren't blue. They were green. An emerald green, and they were fringed by incredibly long, golden brown lashes. She was...well, pretty would be an understatement. The girl was absolutely gorgeous. I was speechless as she hitched herself up and over the console to settle herself into the driver's seat. Her face was literally an inch from mine as she glared at me with those magic eyes and said, "I'll thank you to shut the hell up, and mind your own business. Now move."

I stepped back, watched her slam the door shut. She put the sunglasses back on and didn't even spare me a glance as she drove off. I watched her go, still shaken. There was going to be a problem working with her. And that problem was that I didn't like her at all...but I sure liked to look at her.


The End

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