Crash Landing

Louise Robertson was in a gymnastics competition when she falls off a human pyramid. When she wakes up she finds herself in a world she never knew existed...

I looked around the sports hall. The huge hall was packed full of people, all coming to see hundreds of gymnasts peform their moves at the annual "Central Scotland Championships". I was so excited. This was my very first year at that competition and I was determined to do well.

My friends and I all started to warm up, as we watched other girls and boys perform on front of the judges. There was to be a solo routine and individual vault, and then a group performance. My group was my training squad and we were sumersaulting, backbending, and cartwheeling to Queen's "We will rock You". I couldn't wait!

We sat along a bench at the side, watching. I sat beside my best friend, Star and my big brother, Jamie, who was also in the team. My mum and dad were in the audience. They waved at us and I smiled nervously back at them. Then my time came. I was first out of my group for my solo routine because I was the youngest.

"Louise Robertson!" The announcer's voice echoed through the hall. I stood up, my legs shaking, and walked into the centre of the hall.I presented to the judges, then started my routine.

I performed it flawlessly, and I was very pleased as I walked back to the bench where my team mates were waiting. Star smiled at me as she got up to perform. I gave her the thumbs up, and sat down.

All my team, including my brother, were very good at both the routines and the vault. Then it was our turn for our team performance. We got into our starting positions, then the music was turned on.

We all put our full energy into making our performance the best. The audience was loving it, cheering and clapping. We danced and flipped and rolled through one of Queen's best songs. And we hadn't made a single mistake!

The end of the song drew nearer, and we all got into our finishing position. It was a huge pyramid with me at the top. Out of all the 30 odd girls and boys that were in my team, I was by far the smallest and lightest. As everyone strongly held up one another, I climbed my way carefully to the top. We had did this lots of times in practise, but I knew from severe warnings from my coach that one wrong footstep onto someone who wasn't expecting it, could send the pyramid toppling.

I managed to get to the top. I through my arms in the air as the crowd cheered. I saw my mum and dad, yelling. I smiled as We Will Rock You finished and looked at the judges, who were nodding their heads and scribbling away. I was so happy! We had managed to pull off the routine without so much as a wrong step. I grinned at my team mates below me.

Star, who I was standing on (poor girl!), whispered, "Yes! We did it!" She leaned up to give me a high five as I tried to get down. Suddenly, my foot slipped. And I fell. Down, down, off the human pyramid. I screamed. It felt like forever.

Then I hit the floor.

The End

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