How to Save a LifeMature


"Mm, do you have to leave?" Michael groaned. I let out a giggle before pecking his nose.

"Yes, I do. It's already late and I should be home now." I pulled away from his hold only to be pulled into him again.

"No, you should be here, with me." His breath ghosted upon my neck. I let out a sharp breath before staring at him long and hard.

"Michael, don't make this any harder than it has to be." I pointed a finger his way. He put his hands up in mock defense.

"Call me a criminal for wanting to spend more time with my girl." I felt my insides bubble with satisfaction with being labeled his girl. I know how hard it is for him to trust people, so i'm glad he did so for me.

We were in front of the door, and it was now my turn to lean into him. Standing up on my tip toes, my lips met his before I pulled away. "I love it when you call me that." I whispered, in a high bliss just being in his arms.

Michael let out a sincere laugh. It was a light one though, before he answered. "Oh yeah?"

"Mmhm." I answered.

"Mason, your my girl." He whispered the last part. I let out a giggle before giving him one more peck and pushing myself off him. 

"Bye, Ice." I smiled before picking up my stuff.

"See you tomorrow baby, try to have fun without me." He boasted. I just rolled my eyes and headed for my car.

Michael waited for me to be inside safely before I blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it, closing the door behind him afterwards. I laughed lightly to myself before pulling out of the large driveway and making my way onto the rode.

Turning the radio up, I hummed along to the song, bobbing my head up and down. The town was pretty void at this time a day, especially on a school night so it gave off this sort of erie feeling.

Stopping at a red light, which I thought was pointless since I was the only one on the road basically, I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. Lifting myself up a bit to pull it out, I pressed the home button and saw I had a text from an unknown number. 

I felt my breath hitch in my throat as I found myself panicking and replaying the images from that Sunday night with Princeton. I felt my face harden as I looked up at the light to see it was now green.

Hands shaking on the steering wheel, I felt my curiosity take the best of me and I went onto my phone to check the message.

Left hand on the steering wheel and phone in the palm of my right, I quickly punched in the pass code and pressed the green app.

Opening up the text, I read the lines carefully before feeling my insides go numb and my hand grip the steering wheel tighter, forcing my knuckles white.

Alone at this time of night? Bad idea sweethart xxx the text read.

The only people who knew I would be coming home late were my dad and of course Michael, but I didn't even tell Bonnie. That's how I knew something wasn't right.

Throwing the phone onto the seat next to mine, I gripped the wheel with even more intensity as my foot pressed down harder to speed the car. I had no idea who this person was, though my thoughts stated it was clearly Princeton,  I wasn't taking chances.

Turning a corner, I made it onto Crossing Roads Ave and I slowed the car down. Following my instincts, I looked up into the rear view mirror which I quickly regretted.

Someone in a dark black SUV was falling suit behind me. Shaking with fear, I felt the tears start to blur my vision.

When I say I'm scared to death, i'm literally scared to death. Speeding up the car, I leaned over and grabbed the phone that had another text message.

Why so worried?xxx it read. I let out a growl of frustration and typed in Michael's phone.

Sorry, we are unable to reach-

"Ugh!" I let out a yell. Why can't he answer his phone? Dialing the number again, it was answered by the sixth ring.


"Michael! Help me, please! Someone's following me." I spoke hurriedly unable to contain my worry.

"Fucking hell." He spat. "Where the hell are you, Mason?" 

"I'm on um..."I looked around before remembering. "I'm on Crossing Roads Avenue! Please hurry..."

"Okay, Mason, I need you to listen to me."

"But Michael he's right behind me-"

"Mason! I need you to listen to me." I kept silent, though the phone was trembling in my hands. "I want you to keep driving, no matter what, don't stop."

"But what if I get lost..."

"You won't baby, I need you to trust me. If your going to survive this....whatever-whoever this is, your going to need to fight too." I heard shuffling, indicating that he was rushing around.

"The boy and I are on our way okay?"

"Okay.." I whispered before letting the tears I forced to keep at bay fall. "Please Michael, don't leave me..."

"I won't baby, i'm right here, okay? I won't hang up. I need you to tell me what's going on." He whispered, releasing some of my worry, though it wasn't much a difference.

"Boys! Get the hell out here! I'm going to need you to keep silent, okay baby, i'm going to speak with the guys."

"Okay." I sniffled, turning my gaze to the mirror above. Rushing forward, the SUV hit the back of my car. "Ahh!" I let out a terrified yell.

"Mason! Are you still there?"

"Yes-" I was cut off.

"What the hell is it?" I heard someone groan. 

"Mason's being followed! Someone's trying to get to her." I heard Michael seeth.

"Don't just stand there, everyone get your asses ready!" A voice I recognized as Miles spoke up.


"Yes?" I heard the sound of guns snapping into place and the door closing. 

"The battery on my phone is 20%! What the hell am I going to do?"

"Fuck." He muttered to himself before the sound of the car speeding onto the street was heard. "Your going to have to hang up, baby."

"No! I can't Michael cant I do something else!" I felt my body fill with dread as my head got clouded with worry. Making a sharp turn, I felt my body shake violently.

"Call me if your in any more trouble..."

"I'm in trouble now!" I yelled. "He, she, right behind me!" I tried to stress.

"I won't be able to talk to you at all if you don't hang up!" He yelled back.

I took a deep breath before letting out an "Okay." I hovered my thumb on the "end" button. "Bye, Ice." I let out a faint smile though he couldn't see it.

"No Mason! Goodbye are meant for leaving...and your not leaving me, understand? Understand?" He stressed.

"I love you." I cried out into the phone.

"I love you too much." I heard the pain and agony in his voice. Pressing down the "end", I threw the phone to the side before crying out to no one but myself, the car filled with croaks.


"Not even a fucking second she's out of my sight and she's already in fucking danger!" I yelled, throwing my phone to the floor and running my hands through y hair.

"Who the fuck could be behind this?" I heard Jason question.

"Princeton, who the fuck else?" Miles, who was behind the steering wheel spat.

Reaching Crossing Roads Ave., I felt a lump form in my throat at the sight of tire marks on the tar, confirming that the nightmare was really going on.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder. "We'll get her, Michael." Miles looked over at me before speeding down further.

Ring! Ring! The phone sounded by my feet at the floor of the SUV.

Picking it up, I answered without looking, knowing right now, it would probably be Mason.

"Mason?" I spoke.

"No...this is someone else speaking." The person on the other side of the phone spoke up.

"Who the fuck are you?" I spat.

"I'm the one holding your prized possession here. Is it Macy...Marson...? Ah, that's right. It's Mason." The spoke up deviously.

The boys gave me a look signaling they wanted to hear. Putting my finger up to my lips signaling for silence, I put it on speaker before bellowing,

"What the fuck are you doing with her?!"

"Oh, I don't have her yet. But a car can only drive for so long...."

Pursing my lips in a straight line, I chose a different set of words. "Who is this?"

"Really, Michael? Being as notorious as everyone makes you out to be, I would think you know."

"Princeton....?" I tested. There was a silence.

"Yes." I felt my heart drop as the my nails dug into the palm of my hands and everyone in the car went dead silent, eyes wide.

"Why the hell are you doing this?"

"Can't you see, Michael? You can't have everything you want. Sometimes we all have to make sacrifices."

"What are you going at Princeton?"  

"I saw her first, goddamn it! I was the one who was supposed to get the girl and you were the one who was supposed to sit back and watch me make her mine."

"You messed up your chances of getting her the moment you got her put in a hospital bed!"

".....Start praying, Michael. I have many things planned for your lovely lady." And with that the phone went silent.

"Fuck!" I roared, throwing it to the ground and punching the dash board in front of me. I let my head hang in between my legs, my hands pulling furiously at the ends of my hair.

"I can't lose her man..." I let a tear leave my eyes, something that I was surprised took place since I haven't cried since I was younger.

"You won't, that's a promise." Miles spoke up.

"How can you promise that when you just heard the bastard!"

"Because I know your girl and I know she'll fight to live for you. She loves you and she won't let herself go that easy. She has something to live for and so do you."

Lifting my head up, I looked at the window before yelling, "Stop!"

The car skid to a stop as I reached for the handle, wrenching the door out. Running out the car, I found a car by the closed off road, a body of water at the far end. A 2012 Honda Pilot, the same shade as Mason's with the same licence plate as hers.

I heard foot steps race next to me as I jogged towards the burning vehicle.

The whole outside of the car as well as the inside was caught up in flames, only a phone lying on the floor by the flames. 

Dropping to my knees by the phone, I noticed it stated Mason sent a text to herself. Unlocking the phone, I read the text.

Your too late, Michael. Mason's no more.

I felt flames ravish my heart just as much they did the car, as I threw the phone out into the water by the car.


The End

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