These moments...Mature


We just stayed like this for a while, Michael and I. I was lying on my bed with my head on the pillow. Thank god my dad was working late tonight so he wasn’t home, and I just finished bringing Dax to bed. He still hasn’t forgiven me for calling him a decoy boy. He’s more hurt than mad though.

Michael had his head on my chest, arm draped around my waist.

“You know,” I started. “Jeremy and Bonnie have given themselves a name.”

Michael lifted his head in interest before laying it back down on my chest.  “I’m not surprised. Jeremy does corny shit like that.” He shook his head.

I shrugged my shoulders.  “I don’t know, Michael. I think it’s cute.” Michael laughed lightly and I could feel his head bury deeper into my chest.

“Mmhm, real cute.” He laughed, being sarcastic.

“No! I’m serious here.” I sat up and his head fell onto the comforter.

“Mason…” He groaned, rubbing his face up and down.

 “Come on. Let’s come up with names.” I became really interested in the aspect of me and Michael becoming an item. And an item needs a name.

“Fine.” He muttered, sitting up on my bed. He still had his beanie on his head making him so cute. He had his varsity jacket on and low baggy jeans, paired with of course, Supras. Boy’s crazy over those shoes.

I shook my head and began listing pairings. “How about PB&J.”

Michael shook his head laughing at me. “How original babe. Going straight for the sandwich parings.”

“Ugh, then you think of one!” I gave up and waited for his response. He was being so difficult.

“Okay.” Michael slouched down the bed and laid his head on my shoulder. I raised my brows, watching him intently. Moving his face toward my shoulder, Michael placed an open mouth kiss onto my shoulder. “I’m *kiss* sorry *kiss* I *kiss* angered you.” He finished, a giggle escaped my lips. “I’ll help you know.”

I pushed him off me and crawled on top of him, in a straddling position. “Well know you got me thinking about doing something else with you.” I smirked.

“Oh really?” Michael raised his brows, amusement dancing in his eyes.

“Mmhm.” I hummed, leaning down. Crashing my lips down on Michaels, my eyes flew open and I sat up on him, images flashing before my eyes. I looked down at Michael and caught a glimpse of myself underneath me, making my eyes widen. Looking down at my arms, I saw that I was wearing a black varsity jacket, what Princeton was wearing. What’s happening? It was as if the whole scenario that took place on Sunday is happening again, only this time the roles are reversed and I get to see my horrified face. I shuddered at the image my eyes formed.

Everytime I got close to Michael I saw him…

Snapping out of my hallucination, I looked down to see a worried Michael looking up at me. He was up on his elbows now, looking up at me.

“What’s wrong, Mason? Baby what happened?” Worry was etched across Michael’s face, confusion crossing his features. Sitting up, Michael had me in his lap now, I was still in a straddle position on him, in shock of what I just saw before me.

Bringing his palm up to my face, I froze in reflex and looked down at his palm. Michael dropped it, and I climbed out of his lap. I’m so stupid! I fucked everything up as usual. I know he doesn’t want to hurt me and I keep pushing him away, hurting him. Michael is not Princeton, Princeton is not Michael.

Crawling to the end of my bed, opposite from Michael, I sat and brought my knees up to my face, resting my head on my knees.

“What do I have to do…..Mason. What do I have to do to make you realize that I would never hurt you like that?” Michael had his back towards me, feet over the bed, looking back at me. He looked genuinely hurt and it hurt me. I didn’t want to make him feel like this was his fault, he did nothing to deserve this. He deserves better.

I shook my head to rid it of all my thoughts. “Leave….Michael.” I wiped my cheek and urged the tears that threatened to fall to keep bay behind my water line.

Looking back at me in disbelief, Michael stood up, making his way to the door before he stopped to turn around. “No, no. I’m going to stay here and I won’t leave until you answer this.” I looked at him in shock. Getting up from the bed, I crossed my arms, rubbing them slightly trying to warm up my cold body. I walked towards the window and sat on the desk, waiting for him to continue.

“Do you…..see him. When you’re with me?” I heard his voice sound hurt, making my heart shatter to pieces. Is that what he thought?

“No, Michael! Your nothing like him your.-“

“Then why are you pushing away from me? I won’t hurt you Mason.” He whispered the last part.

“Why don’t you just leave? Hm? I asked you to do that a while ago but you decided you could just leave when you wanted to, as if this is your house and you own shit!” I spat.

“No Mason. I’ve been around you long enough to know your hiding something. What is it-why is it that your pushing me away for?” He was practically reading me like a book.  I could see a crack forming in the wall I had  built around myself. Before I had the chance to think my words through, they came out in a rush.

“Fine  Michael! You want to know why?” He looked at me, urging me to continue. “Because I can’t give you what you need. You don’t deserve this…To deal with my shit. My Problems are my problems. Yet I still can’t seem to figure out why your still here, with me.” I let the tears fall now, no longer giving a shit.

Michael’s hard face softened. Walking over to me until my face was at his chest, he tilted my head. It’s unbelievable how short I am.

Brushing his thumb over my lips, Michael looked down into my eyes with the world’s amount of intensity. I placed my hand on his arm, letting it hang there.

“Mason, you’re the only one I want.” He licked his lips, bringing his brows together. I felt my eyes start to pool again. The simplest words from him made my heart beat accelerate, and the whole world freeze before me. In this moment, it felt as if Michael and I were the only ones in the whole world.

Like my own little world had opened up and invited someone else into it. Snapping me out of my gaze, I saw Michael’s eyes search mine. Moving his hand down to my neck, Michael clenched and un-clenched his jaw, fighting the urge to kiss me. I felt bad for him, having  to restrain himself because he’s so scared of my reaction. Michael swallowed slowly, his eyes moving from my lips to my eyes, and back again.

Shaking my head, I signaled it was okay to kiss me. Leaning down, I felt Michael’s lips brush against mine, making my lips tingle. He had his cool, minty breath against the skin of my face, intoxicating me and making me go dizzy with want.

Tipping my head up, Michael’s fingers traced my chin before he ever so gently placed his lips on mine. I could feel my body tense up, and it felt like I was being slapped again, punched in the stomach again and being called a bitch again. I felt Michael’s lips leave mine.

My brows came together. “Mason, we shouldn’t rush this. If  your not ready-“

I shook my head. No. I was determined to get Princeton out of my mind. All that matters here, right now, was what I wanted. And I want Michael so badly, so I am going to fight every single instinct in my body to run and hide from him, and advert to giving myself to him. “No, I want this.”

It was now my turn to lean up and capture his lips with mine. I moaned into the kiss, Michael doing the same. Wrapping my arms around Michael’s waist from under his jacket so I could be as close to his skin as possible, we started walking backward until Michael fell back onto the bed.

Inching  backward until he had his head on the pillow, I straddled Michael, attaching our lips once again. I felt a bolt of energy flow from my lips and flow through the rest of my body. Michael’s kisses were to die for.

His silky smooth lips rubbing against mine. Michael caught hold of my bottom lip, nibbling it and biting it, causing me to moan into his mouth. Licking my bottom lip afterward, I gladly opened my mouth for him to explore. Every time I kissed Michael it felt better than the last time. I wouldn’t say it was like our first kiss though, because this was a different experience. We’ve  come far from then and were in the now, dealing with new problems. We’ve had new experiences, I had new experiences and it just comes to show that Michael and I can last.

Michael and I’s mouths continued to move in sync, it seemed as if our tongues just wouldn’t release each other from the trap they formed.

Finally breaking the kiss, afraid we’d pas out if we didn’t I felt relaxed afterward. I got over it and did it, for us, for Michael. He couldn’t get a proper kiss from me for days and I became selfish to keep them from him.

Michael finished by kissing my cheeks and the corners by my lips, before placing one splat dab on my lips, squeezing my ass, making me squeal in surprise, him laughing into my lips.

“Good job babe, I know that was hard for you.” Michael soothed, pushing my hair back out of my face.

I meekly smiled. “No, thank you.”


“No. Let me finish.” I was going to let this out, whether he or I wanted to or not. “You took it slow with me and didn’t pressure me, which I know must be hard for you because your used to having what you want when you want, and I took that privilege from you. Thank you, Michael.” I looked down at him. God, he must think I’m so corny!

“I’m sorry.” I huffed. “I’m getting all corny-“

“No, it’s just, I’m glad you told me that, babe.  I know it’s hard for you.” He shook his head in understanding. A sudden thought popped into mind.

I laid my body onto Michael’s leaving my head up. I tried to think of ways to put my questions wisely. Raking my fingers through his hair, I decided I would just spill.

“Um, Michael?” I questioned.

“Yeah baby?” He looked down on me.

“Have you ever um… I just-“

“Babe, just spill.”  Shaking my head, I let out what I’ve been holding in since the day I came over to Michael’s for out project, which was still due by the way.

“Did you have someone else…..before me?” The question came out awkward, but it did indeed come out.

Laying back down, Michael laid the back of his head on his palms, probably questioning if he should tell me or not.


I felt my jaw lock into place as my mind went directly to the thought of that girl, that girl that was the source to all my hatred, and hurt. Sighing, I decided it was better not to get into it.

“Not today, Mason.” I stressed. But Mason being as stubborn as she is, wouldn’t give up. Sitting up and my waist, she looked down on me. Any other moment I would find it sexy that she knew what she wanted and wouldn’t go down without a fight. But this is different.

“Then when, Michael?”

“Why do you even care about my life before me and you? What and who I was with doesn’t concern you, especially when you already know what kind of life I lead.” I sat up, but Mason was still in my lap, looking at me, but I refused to meet her gaze. Instead I focused on the pillow we accidently dropped to the floor.

Mason must have not taken a liking to my words, because she had her brows together all of the sudden, smirking sarcastically and shaking her head. “Michael, I don’t know if you know this, but not so long ago I found out my family was keeping one of the biggest secrets I have ever had kept from me in hiding.” She huffed.  I immediately remembered when she came to my place, desperate to talk to someone. It felt good knowing I was the one she could feel safe with. She’s mine now and I’m, going to keep her safe. I lose too many as it is by now.

Sighing, I tilted my head back and pinched the bridge of my nose, dropping my head back to meet Mason’s eyes. “Here name’s Tiffany.” I muttered, looking back at her face.

Mason shook her head yes, letting me continue.

“I have been with many people, Mason. And I thought Tiffany was the one for me.” I swallowed, closing my eyes only to re-open them moments later. I saw Mason trying to cover up her jealousy with a small smile which I saw through. It wasn’t a hatred type of jealousy; it was the cute kind, like she wishes she could have had me earlier.

Taking in a deep breath, I looked at her. “She was the one I thought I would be with for the rest of my life, but she obviously didn’t feel the same fucking way.” I sneered. “She sided with the enemy.” I shook my head at the memories flooding my thoughts.

Waiting for me to elaborate, Mason sent me a solemn expression. “She was fucking  Princeton.” Mason tensed at his name but I held her tight on my lap letting her know he’s not coming for her again. “And she went to be with Anthony, the leader in the Bulls pack from NY. Now they’re coming back and if she comes with them…” I didn’t bother to finish my sentence.  It hurt – yes I said it hurt, I’m still human and I have feelings, no matter what the hell my job and rep looks like. It hurt to be hurt by her because she lead me to believe she felt the same way.

“Michael, you do know I would never hurt you like that, right?” Mason searched my face, her hand on my cheek.

“Of course I know that. Your not Tiffany, Mason.” I responded, earning a smile from her. Leaning in, she kissed my lips.


“Yeah?” I looked down  at her.

“How ‘bout you be the ice to my cream.” She laughed, me tagging in.

“You do know how that sounds, right? Me making you my cream?” I waited for her to react but she just looked at me blankly. Her innocence is so cute. “Let me re-phrase this. It sounds like I’m making  you cream. Ya get it now?”  I asked cheekily, raising my brows. It took a moment before she realized what I meant, and when she did, she slapped my arm in a weak try to hurt me.

“Your so dirty!”

“But that’s why you love me.” I teased.

Laughing, She shook her head. “I do love you, Michael.” I felt my heart swell in my chest, as corny as it sounds. I’ve known for a while I had feelings for Mason, but I didn’t know what they were. But now I know I feel the same way.

“I- Michael…”

“Relax baby, I love you to.” I leaned up kissing her cheek. “So much.” 

Mason’s face relaxed, and she let smile take her whole face in its wrath. Leaning down, she placed sloppy kisses all over my face. “Good. Because now I won’t stop telling you how much I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you, Michael.” She finished. I laughed at her cutness.

“I love you too baby.”


It was all said and done. Now I know he feels the same as me and there’s nothing that can make me happier.

“Hey baby, where’s my phone?” I asked, looking around the room. I HAVE to text Bon Ton about this.

“I don’t know, check the draw?” He sat up on the bed, on his phone. “I gotta go soon baby.” He muttered. Whipping my head around , I took a look at the time on the night stand by my bed. It’s midnight already? Oh well for getting enough sleep for school. At least tomorrow is Friday.

Making my way to the  night stand, taking a chance to see if maybe I left my phone in the drawer.  Putting my hair in a bun, a messy one, I opened the drawer, gasping at the sight. It was the condom wrapper……Princeton had dropped it in there and I forgot about it.


"And don't think this is the last of me you'll see." He muttered.

Once he was done he walked towards me.

My eyes looked up at him as my chin quivered. Taking the wrapper that held the condom, he put it in my draw.


"Just to keep a memory of me." He smiled. I felt my world come to a hault.

I sucked in a breath. I can do this, I told myself. I can move on. These are just little memories and things that happened.

Deciding not to worry or anger Michael, I simply went  into the restroom and flushed it down the toilet, not wanting my dad or Dax to walk into my bathroom and see a condom in my waste bin and have them jumping to conclusions. Michael’s in a good mood, no need to ruin that. Composing myself so he wouldn’t suspect anything, I walked out of  the bathroom, to find my phone lying on the floor by a pillow. Why the hell couldn’t I see that before?

Getting up, Michael made his way over to me. I felt my hear fasten up, does he suspect anything?

“I’m going to go now. I’ll come by to pick you up for school tomorrow.” He looked down. I sighed in relief, shaking my head up and down.

“I love you.”

I felt my heart flutter. “I love you too, Ice.” I smiled, leaning up and kissing his cheek. Navigating his hand down to my arse, Michael squeezed it, making me yelp in surprise.

I walked  with Michael down to the door since my dad still wasn’t home.

“Bye Cream.” Michael smirked.

“Bye, baby.” I used his name he called me on him. Just simple things like the name he calls me makes me all jelly inside.

I closed the door and turned around with my back against it, rolling my eyes back in bliss. I swear this looks just like a scene in some girly chick flick. But I don’t care. Because I have all I could ever want.


I awoke feeling more awake then I ever have lately, which is weird since I only slept for about four hours.

After awaking  and getting ready, I walked down the stairs. I had a pair of Hollister jeans and Uggs. Michael accidently left his Obey hoodie on my desk so I took that and put it on as my top. I felt safe wearing Michael’s clothes. I loved it.

The hoodie was warm and smelled just like Michael. I smiled to myself and walked down stairs, sitting on the stool and grabbing a plate. Turning around, my dad popped two pancakes on my plate and three pieces of bacon as I put orange juice up to the rim of my glass. Me and my dad were finally on good terms and I finally woke Dax up last night telling him how sorry I am and he forgave me. Everything was just going well, finally. I was just missing my mom.

“Good morning wonderful sister that helped me with my science project that I got a C+ on but I didn’t care because you helped me and you got my head out of a fence.” Dax kissed my cheek. Looking at him in wonder, I responded.

“Thanks kid.” I laughed.

“So how are you doing this morning, my Rock of the Ages.” I laughed at his corniness.

“Fine dad. I’m doing great.” I responded truthfully and washed my food down with my glass of orange juice.

“I don’t remember ever seeing you wear that hoodie before.” I looked down at my torso and then back at my dad.

“Oh yeah, it’s my boyfriend’s.” The words flew out before I could control them. Shit! I spat in my mind.

My dad raised his brows and coughed. “Well then. We have been pretty distanced lately but I would suspect you would tell me you got a boyfriend anyways.” He looked at me as I adverted my gaze to the backyard through the windows lining the wall behind him next to the kitchen.

I coughed awkwardly. “Um….yeah well.” I spluttered.

“When do I get to meet him?” He asked casually as if we were talking about the weather and not who his daughter is dating.

“Well, I have to ask him first.” I muttered, rolling my eyes.

“Yeah, right, right.” I felt asphyxiated by the high dosage of awkwardness filling the room of its toxic gases.

“Dad I am, have someone picking me up, can you bring Dax to school?” I asked, just remembering my job of bringing him to school.

“Okay. See you later Mason.”

I heard Dax mutter something in spanish , obviously not too keen on riding in the same car as dad.

“Bye Dax-y, bye dad.” I left the house, and got my stuff. Looking around, it wasn’t long before I saw Michael sitting in his Range Rover.

Running over to his car, I got in. “Hey baby!” I kissed him excitingly.

“Hey, Cream.” He laughed.

“I thought you drove an Escalade?”

“Nah, me and Jeremy traded cars. He wanted to impress Bonnie with my car.” He shook his head. I laughed at Jeremy and his little gestures. Bonnie was now going to school with Jeremy, and I felt happy for her. She loved him so much. So did he.

“What’s the point of me having a car if you’re just going to drive me everywhere?” I wondered out loud.

“I don’t know.  I never told you to keep that ugly ass Pilot.”

“Why are you bullying my car so much?!?!” I laughed.

“Because it’s a pussy ass car!” He yelled back, jokingly. “I have everything in that car in here, plus more.” I rolled my eyes at him. “I could buy you another car you know.”

“Please don’t buy me a car.” I muttered.

“Why? Most girls would love-“

“But I’m not like most girls.” I intervened. “I’m Mason and the only gift I want is you. Not a car, not anything else, okay?” I looked over at him.

“I love you.”  He stated aloud.

“Good. That makes two of us.” I smiled at him, kissing his lips.

Stopping at a red light, Michael looked over at me. “Is that mine?” He pointed to the hoodie. My face turned red, shaking my head.

“Sorry. You just left it at my place.”

“It’s okay. You can keep it, actually. It looks sexy as hell on you.” I felt my face go even redder. Weeks into this relationship and he can still make me feel like jelly.

“Yay! I love this shirt too so thanks.” I laughed. Soon we made it to the school. Girls were pointing to the car, expecting Michael to pop out alone so they could swoon over him, but I made a point to wrap my arm around his once I was out the car, letting the bitches know he’s mine.

Devon and her bitch tribe looked at us passing by the parking lot in envy, jealous I got the one she wanted all along.

“I do mean it though baby, you look incredibly hot in that outfit.”

“Your such a kiss ass.” I shook my head.

“Uh, excuse me. I thought you loved it. Your just mad ‘cus I haven’t made you cream yet.” I felt the air get knocked out of me. I looked around, checking if anyone heard what he said. Apparenly not, but people were still staring.

“Fuck you.” I muttered.

“More like I would fuck you.” He responded, laughing his ass off.

“Michael!” I yelled at him, causing more attention to stir around us. This kid was seriously getting me sexually frustrated.

“Sorry baby. You know I love you.”

“Mmhm.” I hummed.

Once we reached inside, there was two minutes until the bell rang and I still had to go to my locker. Once I got there with Michael, we stopped in front of my class.

Twirling his gold chain around my finger, I looked up at him. “I have to go now….” I sighed.

“Aww, so soon?” Michael pouted, sticking his bottom lip out.

Leaning up, I caught in in between my lips, this time I was in control of the kiss. “Mmhm, I agree. Too soon.” I smiled at him.

“Michael, Mason! Unlock your lips and make your way to your first period class!” Scared it was a teacher, I turned to see Jeremy and Bon Ton making their way over to us, Trent and the rest of the dudes following behind, laughing together.


“You jackasses, you scared me!” I laughed slapping Jeremy and Bonnie.

“Love you too, Massy.” Bonnie laughed.

“Yeah, whatever, Bon Ton.”

“Hey, Dick heads!” I heard Michael yell, not caring if a teacher was around. I shook my head.

“Lets go! Class starts now!” I heard Miss. Darren yell.

Moaning, I made my way inside, everyone  following behind.

“Seems like the clique made it to class.” Miss. Darren stated aloud just so everyone could hear. Fucking  bitch.

“Ain’t  nobody fucking with my Clique!” Jeremy and Michael yelled at the same time, the class erupting in fits of laughter.

Miss. Darren gave up and went on to tell us what we were going to do in class today as we made out way to our seats.

“If you think for a second you own this school, think again.” One of Devon’s minions stated, leaning in.

“Shove it, Ashley.” I stared straight at her, she immediately shut up, I mentally high fived myself.



“I called my dad and told him I’m going over at yours.” I told Michael. Our paper on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is due tomorrow so in other words, we have a lot to get done. My parents already knew  that I was partners with Michael, but my dad just found out I’m dating my partner now, probably the only reason he trusted me alone with him.

“Since this is going to be a long night, can I have a kiss first?” I love how Michael’s only this sweet for me.

“Yup. But just one.”

“Fine. A very long one.”


Shutting me up with the kiss, I felt Michael’s tongue ask for entrance into  my mouth. Groping my sides, Michael lifted me up on him, my legs immediately wrapping themselves around him without a second thought. This was quickly becoming heated.

My hands found their way into Michael’s shirt, grabbing his shoulders, scratching him. Michael moaned into my mouth, me doing the same when he squeezed my ass.

The back of Michael’s knees met the bed and he fell back on the bed. Straddling him, his hands squeezed  my sides, another thing Michael does all the time besides squeezing my ass, a turn on only he could find within me. He was turning me into someone I never thought I’d be before. A girlfriend.

In instinct, I bucked my hips against Michaels, both of us moaning in pleasure. Detaching our lips, I dropped my head down to look below me at what my hips were doing.

Grabbing Michael’s hands, I pressed our hands into the comforter, grinding my hips against Michael’s earing another moan from us.

“Keep going baby, you got it.” Michael encouraged, giving me the confidence I need.

I fastened my pace , grinding against Michael faster, my heart beat accelerating. I never experienced this before. It felt so good and yet so foreign to me.

“You want me to finish us off baby?” Michael looked up at me. He’s had sex before, no doubt about it so he knows how to do this stuff. I let Michael take control. Flipping us around, I laid under Michael as he continued bucking our hips together.

“Fuck’s sake…”

“Michael….” I groaned in warning. Knowing I was close to a end, Michael fastened his pace, making my head throw back in pleasure.

“Ugh…” I moaned, trying to hold in my moans flying from my mouth. With one last grind, me and Michael groaned at the same time.

“Oh my god….” I whispered in shock. Did I really just do that?

Rollig off me and bringing me into his chest, I sighed in contentment.

“You were so good baby.” Michael’s lips met my forehead.

The End

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