Inflicting PainMature


I awoke to the bright light of the sun hitting my face from my window. It took me a minute to get myself settled and when I did I didn't feel any better. I felt like someone sprinkled sand in my eyes from how itchy they were. My thoughts immediately gravitated towards yesterday.

Not only did I lose my mom, my supposed to be "sister" (how ironic) and possibly Dax, but with it went my longing to get out into the world. I just felt like staying in bed the rest of my life to just drown in my sorrows. 

I curled and un-curled my toes while stretching my legs and arms in the process, making a weird sound escape my lips. My whole body ached and all I wanted to do was...mourn, I guess I could say that since I did indeed lost a lot yesterday. 

Now I keep thinking I should have said more to my mom, shown more affection, love. But she just....hurt me so bad. I felt betrayed having this kept from me and even more hurt because I feel like my sister's death was my fault.

I was the one who started crying, I was the one who caught my moms attention, I was the one who caused the accident, I was the cause for my sister's death. And it hurt me to the core thinking that she could have  still been here, with me. But I have to move on, 'cause she already did...

Throwing one foot over the other, I hopped off my bed and my feet hit the cold, hardwood floor. Making my way over to the door, I stopped. Do I really want to face my dad and Dax after that show I started yesterday? How will Dax look at me once he heard what I said? Oh well, I can't stay up here forever.

Turning the ever so loud knob and walking down the hallway, I made a sharp turn to the left and went down the stairs. What I found down there surprised me. I expected to see two human beings, particularly male, standing in the kitchen. But what I found was an empty kitchen.

Walking further into the house, I saw the living room was also empty, and so was my dad's study. What the....

Walking back into the kitchen, I found a note on the fridge. 


               Dax and I are at the park and later grabbing some Ice cream,

                                                                    don't wait up.

                                                                                    - Dad

I felt my heart strings pull left and right. He hates me. I'm not being over dramatic. A normal note from my dad goes along the lines of, "Hey poptart! I'm going out for a bit and I'll see if I can bring you something on my way back. Have fun! I left some breakfast on the table for you and Dax-y. -Dad P.s, I love you guys!"

I'm not exaggerating, I literally just read a note right next to the new one that he left almost two weeks ago. My dad is a really extravagant guy, so when he's so....simple, it's not a good sign.

I sighed. He didn't even leave me breakfast, let alone wake me up so I could go out with him. Deciding I would just work on my plan of staying locked up in my room, I walked back up to my bedroom door.

Ring Ring! My phone went off. I pulled my brows together. Who could be calling me, usually Bonnie calls me all the time but she's not really in the picture lately.

I walked over to my desk. In black letters over the bright background read the name, "Anonymous". 

The phone continued to ring. Deciding against my instincts, I responded.

"Hello?" I questioned.

"Mason, so good to hear your voice." My heart dropped to the ground, it was Princeton.

I hovered my thumb over the "end" on the touch screen. 

"No no, I don't think you want to click end. "

"Well I just did now." I sneered ending the call and automatically locking it, throwing it on my bed. I had my hands shaking. How did he get my phone number? 

This is not a good occurrence when your all alone at home.

I need to stop freaking out. He doesn't know where I live, I'm fine.

Walking over to my bathroom door, I opened it and quickly stripped, getting in the tub. Five minutes into the shower, I started to relax, feeling my body loosen up.  My teeth released my lips from it's hold, and my head fell back against the tiled wall. Turning the nob off, I walked out the tub and pulled my towel to wrap around my body. Once I was done with that, I pulled an elastic band from my draw in the bathroom to wrap my wet hair up into a messy bun.

Turning the knob of the bathroom door, I felt my fingers let go of the elastic in my hand and all the air in my lungs plunge out in front of me. My eyes widened at the sight in front of me.

"I told you not to click end, Massy."


"Michael! Wake the hell up man!" I shook him.

"What the hell is it? It' s Sunday, I need ta sleep."

"Fucking hell!" I started panicking, my palms getting sweaty as I started pacing the floor next to Michael's bed, but of course he didn't notice thanks to his deep sleep. Deciding I couldn't hold my self back any longer, I pulled the covers off him and lifted him up by his shirt, yelling in his face.

"Michael! Priceton's got your girl!"  I shouted at him. By this point, I needed no longer to wake him up, but to calm him down.

He looked at me in disbelief.

" do you know this?!?" He pushed me off him and jumped out the bed, walking to his closet and grabbing his Supras and throwing his jeans over his sweat pants.

"Ya remember that comment I made about you and Mason being the two M&Ms?"

"Yes..." He urged me to continue. By this point he was already full clothed and was sticking his hand gun in the waistband of his jeans. Busting out the door, he started walking down the stairs.

"Well I guess the fucker was listening in on our conversation that day because when I asked him where he was going, he said he was going out to get the "other half of the M&Ms."

"How long ago was this?" Michael looked at me, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Maybe an hour or so. It took me a while to figure out what he meant. I thought he was just being stupid like he always is." I shook my head. I should have known earlier, now who knows what he's doing to poor Massy.

My heart tore at the thought. Although I've only known her for a short time, she's like a part of our group now. All the boys would agree. It's not everyday you see one of us get a girl, and keep her for more than a few hours. But she...she was changing Michael's status for sure.

"Well he's more than stupid now, he's dead." Michael sneered, walking out the house me hot on his trail as we jumped inside the Escalade, driving down to the proper destination.

                                                            AN HOUR BEFORE 


All the blood drained from my body as I took a moment to realize Princeton was right in front of me on my bed.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, I made a run for it, only to have myself pulled back by my legs, making my head hit the surface of the ground in pain.

Flipping me around so that my back was against the floor of my bedroom, Princeton's brown eyes glazed over changing into pure danger. Pulling me up by my neck, he pushed me up against the wall, looking into my eyes.

"I see you already have your self undressed for me, baby." I felt my skin crawl. I now knew what he meant.

"Don't call me that." I spat in his face, only to result in a punch to the abdomen.

"And why not? Is it because your boyfriend calls you that?" He smirked his evil smirk. I just kept quite, feeling the tears stream down my face in agony. I slowly felt as if the air was being pulled from me. The mere thought of Princeton inflicting pain on me made me want to wish I was already dead.

"Well let me tell you this, baby. Michael can't fuck as good as me." My lips parted as I realized what his motive to come here was for.

"Please," I begged. "Don't do this. I'll do whatever you want just don't..."

"What? Fuck you?" He laughed, pulling me off the wall and pushing me onto the bed. "Most girls would love the opportunity to have this."

"I think we already figured out by now that i'm not like most girls, Princess." He wanted to give me a name, I gave him one too.

Princeton's smirk faded making me instantly regret opening my mouth.Grabbing the knot I made near my arm to secure the towel in place, he pulled it off, exposing my body to his greedy eyes. I felt the tears start to fall even harder than they did before.

Grasping the sheets into my hands, I tried kicking him off me. 

"You little bitch," He coughed out, punching me splat in the middle of my stomach, making me double over in pain. I just prayed that the lord would just take me then.

Grabbing me by my waist, Princeton threw me back on the bed, climbing back on top of me. By this point, there was  no use in fighting it. I knew what was to come and there was nothing I could do about it. He's bigger than me, stronger than me, he's more capable of inflicting pain than I ever will be capable of.

Grasping the covers in my hands, I closed my eyes tightly as his fingers ran over the side of my body, leaving cool trails behind him. Moving both his hands back up my sides, Priceton's hands went up passed my breasts as he held my arms down.

With one last whimper, I looked at him. "Please, you don't have to do this. You can just stop now and we can pretend-"

"No! I always get what I want, Mason. And I want you."

"Why is that?!?" I screamed in his face resulting in a piercing slap the side of my face.

"Because I know how much you mean to Michael and I can't wait to see him when he knows what I've done to you." My breath hitched in my thoat and my thoughts went to Michael. Where are you? I thought.

"I won't stop going after you until your done. Until your nothing but a God forsaken memory." He spat in my face.

"What did I ever do to you?" I looked at the ceiling, refusing to meet his eyes.

"It's because you saw what you saw." He spat. I bet he just doesn't like what he is. A murder. He can't live with the fact of what he's become and he's hurting me because I saw him in such a bad light.

"Now I'm gonna give it to you real good." He let his devious smile out. 

Pulling off of me, he pulled his pants down and threw a condom on the bed. He had this planned all along. I thought to myself.

Soon enough, he did what he wanted, making me feel like filth....just a piece of trash in the alley way. Not only was he hurting me...but this was my first time. I didn't need to have this moment for the first time with him. It was meant for someone special and he just snatched right from under me. 

When he was done, he left me there, in utter shock and humiliation. My legs were shaking from the pain that was just felt from in between them, my fingers were still dug into the covers and my eyes were tired. I felt like everything was a blur. This room, this moment, this life.

I wanted to die. I was begging the lord to just kill me. For the first time in a while I was praying to the one person, or entity, that I haven't spoken to for two years, which made me feel bad that we had to talk over this subject. The subject of letting me float up above, to escape this hell down below.

My stomach hurt from the punches, my face stung from the slaps.

"And don't think this is the last of me you'll see." He muttered. Once he was done he  walked towards me. My eyes looked up at him as my chin quivered. Taking the wrapper that held the condom, he put it in my draw.

"Just to keep a memory of me." He smiled. I felt my world come to a hault.

"Mason....." I shifted my eyes to the left to see Michael had entered the room, and he had his eyes fixed on my body. Feeling embarrassed, I tried to get myself together but my legs and arms would not do what I told them and I just stayed there.

"You motherfucker!" Jeremy appeared behind Michael, lunging at Princeton. Holding him against the wall, Jeremy knocked a few blows at Princton's face, jaw, and abdomen, dropping him to the ground with a kick to the back of the legs.

My vision became covered once I saw Michael walk over to me, picking me up and walking me into the bathroom.

Sitting me down on the sink, he rested his hands on either side of me, looking down at the ground. Lifting his head up, he took a look at me and whispered,

"Do you want to get cleaned up?" He asked silently. I just shook my head, still insecure about being naked  in front of him. But he didn't seem to even notice that.

Opening the cabinet under the sink, Michael stood back up with the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. Dropping the mint green liquid on the cotton, he gently brushed against the skin on my face, stomach, and arms.

Pulling my arm forward, Michael looked at the hand marks Princeton left as I could hear the bastard crying out in pain from the other side of the door. Turning my wrist in his hands, Michael kissed it, making it feel way better that the alcohol could ever make it feel. 

He repeated this step for my other parts of my body.Grabbing the towel from the hook, he wrapped it around me.

"I want you to stay here, okay?" He looked into my eyes. Wiping my face, I shook my head.

Michael disappeared behind the door.

"I'll take it from here, take the car and drive home." I heard Michael say.

"Bring the bastard home, I'll finish him off when I get back." He's staying? I thought.

Once I heard the door of my room close, Michael opened the door and lifted me off the counter.

"I don't want to stay on that bed." I looked at him. The thought of laying on it after what just happened made me go even crazier.

Michael just shook his head in understanding and brought me to my parents room, which made me think of what my dad would do if he walked in right now, just adding more to my list of stress.

Noticing my discomfort, Michael laid me on the bed and pulled me close.

"I won't let anyone hurt  you. I promise baby girl." He looked into my eyes and I knew, that he truly meant it.

Leaning in, Michael's lips met my forehead and my eyes fell closed from their heavy tears.

The End

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